The triumphant comeback of Paddy Cosgrave as CEO of Web Summit, following his resignation amidst the Israel/Gaza controversy.

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Paddy Cosgrave, the co-founder of the Web Summit tech conference, is returning to his role as CEO after resigning in October over controversial statements he made about the Israel/Gaza war last year on social media. “As Web Summit becomes bigger, our aim should be to make it smaller for our attendees. More opportunistically, as with Facebook, the emphasis on community is a counterweight to Web Summit’s bigger business aim: scale, in Web Summit’s case growing its conference empire by getting as many people and companies as possible paying to attend its events. Web Summit runs a number of global tech conferences, the best known and biggest of which is in Lisbon, which in recent years attracted upwards of 70,000 attendees. Scrambling in the lead-up to the Lisbon event, Web Summit quickly appointed Wikimedia CEO Catherine Maher as Cosgrave’s CEO replacement, even as Cosgrave retained an 80% ownership of the business.

“Rising Costs of Children’s Apparel: Discovering Kidsy’s Revolutionized Discount Solution”

Kidsy Co Founders Shraysi Tandon And Sinan Sari
Kids’ clothing and gear is more expensive than ever. Kidsy has a sustainable solution for discountsAll parents know that raising kids is expensive. Enter Kidsy, a new Chicago-based e-commerce startup which aims to give consumers greater access to discounted baby and kids products by partnering with large brands, retailers and liquidation companies for their overstock and returns inventory. At the same time, it says, it can help prevent overstock and liquidation items – such as kids’ clothing – from ending up in landfills, which is obviously not good for the environment. Kids’ clothing: A massive marketTandon’s road to founding Kidsy started when she founded her own media production company after working as a journalist for Bloomberg TV and ABC News.

Sway (formerly Returnmates) Secures $19.5M Series A Funding for E-Commerce Return Management.

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Total returns for the industry amounted to $743 billion in merchandise in 2023, according to the National Retail Federation and Appriss Retail. Startups have also come in with new technologies to manage the delivery and return experience. Returnmates, now rebranded as Sway, is the latest to attract new venture capital for its approach to delivery and returns that focuses on the customer. The company rebranded to Sway as a way to show its evolution beyond returns to last-mile delivery capabilities, company co-founder and CEO Eric Wimer told TechCrunch via email. Sway is currently active in California, Texas, Washington, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New York and Florida.