Europe considers using LinkedIn’s data for advertisements as a potential topic for a DSA inquiry

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Europe eyes LinkedIn’s use of data for ads in another DSA askMicrosoft-owned professional social network, LinkedIn, is the latest to get a formal request for information (RFI) from the EU. Of specific concern is whether LinkedIn is breaching the DSA’s prohibition on larger platforms’ use of sensitive data for ad targeting. Profiling based on such data to target ads is banned under the law. The DSA also empowers the EU to impose fines for incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information in response to an RFI. LinkedIn isn’t the only platform to be in the EU’s spotlight when it comes to use of data for ads.

Curious Inquiry: EU Raises Concerns Over Meta’s “Pay or Be Tracked” Consent Approach

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Now the EU is asking questions about Meta’s ‘pay or be tracked’ consent modelMeta’s controversial pay or be tracked ‘consent’ choice for users the European Union is facing questions from the European Commission. Meta’s ad-free subscription is controversial because under EU data protection law consent must be informed, specific and freely given if it’s to be valid. Now the EU itself is stepping in with an RFI under the DSA, the bloc’s recently updated ecommerce rulebook. In follow-up questions last month, the MEPs criticized internal market commissioner, Thierry Breton, for what they couched as “inadequate answers” — repeating their ask for a clear verdict on Meta’s ‘pay or consent’ model. We also reached out to Ireland’s DPC for an update on its review of Meta’s consent or pay model — which has been ongoing for around six months.

Inquire with Sophie: Are AI Entrepreneurs Now Able to Obtain Green Cards More Easily?

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Ask Sophie: Is it easier yet for AI founders to get green cards? Sophie is passionate about transcending borders, expanding opportunity, and connecting the world by practicing compassionate, visionary, and expert immigration law. TechCrunch+ members receive access to weekly “Ask Sophie” columns; use promo code ALCORN to purchase a one- or two-year subscription for 50% off. How is the administration making it easier for AI companies to sponsor employees for permanent residence? Will the number of green cards earmarked for individuals in the AI field increase?