Corporations Strengthen Defenses as Demand for Zero-Day Exploits Surges

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In its previous price list, published in 2019, the highest payouts that Crowdfense was offering were $3 million for Android and iOS zero-days. In a report last month, Google said it saw hackers use 97 zero-day vulnerabilities in the wild in 2023. Spyware vendors, which often work with zero-day brokers, were responsible for 75 percent of zero-days targeting Google products and Android, according to the company. Zero-day brokers, as well as spyware companies like NSO Group and Hacking Team have often been criticized for selling its products to unsavory governments. “All the companies and governments directly sanctioned by the USA are excluded.”At least one company, spyware consortium Intellexa, is on Crowdfense’s particular blocklist.

Rising Cryptocurrency Trends: Bitcoin Surges, Solana Soars, and Worldcoin Confronts Controversy in Spain

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Bitcoin hits new high, Solana price jumps as memecoins mania rises and Worldcoin faces heat in SpainWelcome to TechCrunch Crypto, formerly known as Chain Reaction. Hello and welcome back to the TechCrunch Crypto newsletter. This week in web3Crunching numbersAs mentioned, this week the crypto space saw all-time highs for bitcoin, again. Memecoins across the Ethereum, Solana and Avalanche blockchains have seen a huge rally as the crypto market continues to expand. It’s important to remember that while some memecoins will retain price support for an extended period of time, some can plummet within days, or hours.

“Memecoin Craze Drives Solana to Reach $160 – Its Peak Since January 2022”

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The cryptocurrency passed $160 on Wednesday, marking its highest price since January 2022. So it’s not surprising that the growth and traction on its blockchain is also being transpired through to its token. Since mid-December, a number of Shiba Inu dog-themed tokens on the Solana blockchain like Bonk and dogwifhat have taken off. (Please note none of this is financial advice, but one of the reasons that could point to Solana’s price increase.) Memecoins in general have seen a huge rally as the crypto market continues to thaw from its most recent winter.