‘Survey of Unicorn Creators Uncovers Underdog Nature and Rise of Female Creators’

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The study (“Unicorn Founder DNA Report) by Defiance Capital of 845 unicorns and 2,018 unicorn founders set out to look at the “DNA” of unicorn founders, concentrating on the US and UK (no EU/European) from 2013 to 2023, to define the common traits of these kinds of founders. During the last decade, all top Seed funds were generalist funds, and the market for Seed funds is highly fragmented. Only 34% of unicorn founders had worked at an elite employer prior to founding a unicorn, suggesting a McKinsey or similar background is not a prerequisite to success. Dorffer, who intends now to produce a podcast with many of the unicorn founders surveyed, said: “The stories that are coming out show crazy determination. As a female founder, you have to work twice as hard and take twice as many meetings to raise the money.

“The Future of Space Technology: A Look at 2024’s Prospects, from Increased Investments to Lunar Discoveries and Game-Changing Moments from SpaceX”

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Despite a challenging economic period in 2022, this year’s investment into the space tech sector has continued to show signs of recovery. Space tech has showcased a remarkable resilience amid macroeconomic uncertainty, bucking trends in the broader venture capital tech market. Approximately $4.8 billion was invested into the space tech industry by the end of Q3, with growth-stage investment activity increasing. These DoD contracts will stimulate a cascading effect throughout the broader space tech market. This surge is expected to be catalyzed by strategic initiatives from respective governments, underscoring a global expansion and diversification of venture capital interest and commitment in the space tech sector.