“Internet Confused by Launch of Marissa Mayer’s New Photo Sharing and Event Planning Apps”

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer’s startup just rolled out photo sharing and event planning apps, and the internet isn’t sure what to thinkWhen Marissa Mayer co-founded a startup six years ago in Palo Alto, Ca., expectations were sky high for the former Yahoo CEO and early Google employee. When that startup, Sunshine, revealed that its first app centered around subscription software for contact management, people wondered if something more ambitious might be around the corner. Today, after Sunshine released two equally mundane features – event organizing and photo sharing – internet commenters were decidedly mystified. I was also baffled last week, when Mayer walked me through Sunshine’s new offerings. The core thesis has always been to take the mundane and make it magical.”The team “thought about naming it Mundane AI,” she continued.

Enhanced Restrictions: Meta’s Newest Features to Monitor Teen Communication and Parental Management

Alexander Shatov 71qk8odibko Unsplash
Meta announced today that it is rolling out new DM restrictions on both Facebook and Instagram for teens that prevent anyone from messaging teens. What’s more, Meta is also making its parental controls more robust by allowing guardians to allow or deny changes in default privacy settings made by teens. Previously, when teens changed these settings, guardians got a notification, but they couldn’t take any action on them. Meta first rolled out parental supervision tools for Instagram in 2022, which gave guardians a sense of their teens’ usage. Meta didn’t specify what work it is doing to ensure the privacy of teens while executing these features.

Surprise Release: “View Latest Search Results” Now Available on Threads!

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Multiple Threads users on the iOS app reported earlier today that they are seeing a new “Latest” option to sort search results on the new social network. However, the company told TechCrunch that the feature was just an internal prototype and it was rolled out by mistake. Threads first started testing the ability to search for posts in Australia and New Zealand in August 2023. In September last year, Meta rolled out the search to almost all English and Spanish-speaking countries where the social network was available. In December, the company expanded the search to all languages along with the launch in the EU later in the month.