“Unlikely Collab: Speculations Surround Alphabet and HubSpot Merger”

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If such a deal were to happen, the cost would likely be pretty substantial, involving some significant premium over the current value. While Google/Alphabet has been extremely acquisitive over the years, the largest deal that it’s ever made was spending $12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility in 2011. More recently the largest deal involved spending $5.4 billion for security intelligence platform Mandiant in 2022. Google usually stays under $3 billion, so a deal of this scope would be very much out of character for the company. Another issue the company could face in trying to buy HubSpot is a hostile regulatory environment for large deals.

“Firing Fears Dispelled: Byju’s Founder Denies Ouster Claimed by Shareholders”

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In a 758-word letter, content of which was reviewed by TechCrunch, Raveendran claimed that the shareholders violated several “essential” local rules. Raveendran claimed in the letter that the extraordinary general meeting lacked the minimum quorum and failed to win majority support for proposed resolutions. Raveendran claimed the EGM was convened without adhering to the procedures set out by law and only 35 of Byju’s 170 total shareholders attended, representing around 45% ownership in the company. The rights issue resets the startup’s valuation, once at $22 billion, to about $25 million. “Our rights issue has seen an overwhelming response.