Goldman Sachs takes a chance on Simetrik’s innovative payments infrastructure technology

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Where it is differentiating itself is through its Simetrik Building Blocks, or SBBs, which are scalable and adaptable concepts based on no-code development and generative AI technologies. In the past two years, the company grew to have clients in more than 35 countries, up from 10, and is monitoring over 200 million records every day. Previously that was 70 million records daily. The use of the new funds will go into further developing the Simetrik Building Blocks, enhancing AI capabilities and continuing to expand Simetrik’s international reach. They need a new approach, and that is where our building blocks have a strong product market piece.”

Krafton Aims to Expand PUBG’s Dominance Through Franchise Expansion and Visual Enhancements

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Krafton has more in store for its battle royale shooting game PUBG, its biggest mobile title, according to Goldman Sachs. The South Korean firm is plotting “incremental updates” to its strategy to sustain and expand PUBG, Goldman Sachs said in a note Wednesday seen by TechCrunch. Major graphics upgrade is also in the works, Goldman Sachs said, adding that Krafton plans to use Unreal Engine 5 for a PUBG 2.0 revamp. The current version of PUBG uses a customized version of Unreal Engine 4. Epic Game’s latest iteration of the ubiquitous Unreal Engine offers developers significant advancements in achieving heightened realism and immersion at reduced performance costs.