“Global Reach: Worldcoin Expands Integration with Minecraft, Reddit, Telegram, Shopify, and Mercado Libre”

World Id Apps
Worldcoin, a crypto project co-founded by Sam Altman, said it now supports integrations for its World ID with Minecraft, Reddit, Telegram, Shopify and Mercado Libre. Or, Shopify store owners can use World ID for fraud prevention or one-time promotions. The “standard” or “World ID Orb” level involves creating a profile and also getting your irises scanned by one of the company’s Orbs to verify your identity. “High” or “World ID Orb+” security requires you to also use facial recognition to secure the app besides the previous two steps, Sada said. You can use one World ID per device, so if you have a phone and an iPad for example, you can create two World IDs.