Possible alternate styles: 1. The Market’s Confidence in a Salesforce-Informatica Union Falters on Wall Street 2. Salesforce-Informatica Merger Met with Skepticism on Wall Street 3. Potential Partnership Between Salesforce and Informatica Fails to Impress Wall Street 4.

Day Three Of The World Economic Forum (wef) 2024
For Informatica investors, it was the opposite: The price was too low to warrant selling — they wanted more, more, more — and their stock also dropped, down a similar amount over the same period. The biggest by far of that bunch was the $28 billion deal to buy Slack at the end of 2020. Informatica is also far smaller than Salesforce, making its potential revenue bump to Marc Benioff’s company modest. The ace up Informatica’s sleeve is that while its total revenue growth is slow, one important segment of its revenues is expanding quickly. If we were to compare Informatica cloud net-new ARR that it expects this year instead, the percentage becomes even smaller.