“Revolutionary Patch by Sweanty Monitors Salt Depletion for Athletes’ Optimal Hydration”

Sweanty Patch
Here at 4YFN at the MWC tradeshow we spotted a new one: A stick-on patch for tracking athletes’ sweat to monitor salt loss and help them tailor their rehydration strategy. Analysis of the patch wearers’ “sweatprofile” is sent to a companion app where they access their tailored hydration plan. Proper hydration can boost sportspeople’s performance by helping to maintain energy levels and endurance, as well as reducing the risk of cramps, per Ortrega Tañá. Sweanty’s wearables are not yet available for athletes to buy but the startup expects to launch them in Spain by the end of April. (Swimmers or other sports where the user is immersed in water are an exception; they will have to stick with manual methods for tracking salt loss such as weighing themselves before and after their session.)