Ramp CEO: Fintech Startup Primed for Limitless Growth, Says CEO

Techcrunch Disrupt 2022 Day 2
Despite all that growth, Eric Gylman, the co-founder and CEO of Ramp thinks that the industry, and companies like his, are just scratching the surface. Glyman and his current co-founder Karim Atiyeh launched their first fintech startup, Paribus, back in 2014. The company raised a mere $2 million before getting snapped up by Capital One. When the team was building Paribus, the generative AI technology to craft the emails was still relatively rudimentary and the rest of the company’s AI technology was built on very simple language models. The startup has raised more than $1.7 billion from venture capitalists and was last valued at $5.8 billion in August 2023.