“Welcome to the Fediverse: POTUS Joins Instagram Threads!”

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The account operated by Biden’s team published a message regarding the president’s support of reproductive freedom on Threads, Meta’s up-and-coming Twitter/X competitor. Soon after, Threads users noticed that his post sported a Threads’ fediverse sharing logo — a circular shape that resembles planets orbiting a star, which gives a sense of the interconnected universe that makes up the fediverse. When Meta introduced Threads, its text-focused Twitter/X competitor, the company said it planned to federate the app so users on Mastodon and other networks could see and respond to Threads’ users posts. Late last year, Threads began testing that integration and, in March, it opened up fediverse sharing to Threads users in beta. For example, at present, Threads users can’t see who replied or liked their posts from other servers and can’t share their posts with polls.

Unveiling the Beta Launch: Join Threads and Link Your Accounts to the Fediverse!

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Meta announced on Thursday that its beta experience of sharing Threads accounts to the fediverse is now open to users ages 18 and up with public profiles. To opt into the fediverse beta experience on Threads, go to account settings and toggle on fediverse sharing. This gives you the chance to connect with other people who may not be on Threads but use alternative social networking apps. For instance, beta users on Threads can’t see people in the fediverse who replied or liked their posts. Users also can’t share posts with polls.

“Unlock the Power of Community on Mastodon with Newsmast’s Curated Experience”

Newsmast also credits the Mastodon app and Mozilla-backed startup Mammoth for the inspiration around Communities. In addition, Newsmast offers a system where anyone can build their own Mastodon server with a selection of communities they’ve curated. Users could then connect to that server in place of the Newsmast server within the Newsmast app. Later this week, Newsmast will also open up its API to developers, which means your preferred Mastodon app could integrate with Newsmast’s Communities, too, for a more seamless experience. (In fact, some Mastodon users were confused why Newsmast’s accounts were following them and boosting their content, without understanding the larger purpose.)

” “Negligent Inaction: Discord Fails to Address Server’s Orchestrated and Expensive Mastodon Spam Offense”

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Over the weekend, hackers targeted federated social networks like Mastodon to carry out ongoing spam attacks that were organized on Discord, and conducted using Discord applications. But Discord has yet to remove the server where the attacks are facilitated, and Mastodon community leaders have been unable to reach anyone at the company. She told TechCrunch that while Discord has mechanisms for reporting individual users or messages, it lacks a clear way to report whole servers. And as Smith notes, these mass spam attacks can drive up server costs, leaving admins with unexpected bills. According to reports on Mastodon, this fully-automated attack was sparked by a conflict between teenagers on two different Japanese language Discord servers.

“Faddom secures $12M funding to enable comprehensive IT infrastructure mapping across diverse environments”

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When IT was responsible for servers onsite, understanding what you owned and where it lived was not a big problem. Faddom, an early stage Israeli startup, helps companies map their infrastructure wherever it lives, and helps them visualize the connections and dependencies, taking aim at medium-sized enterprises. Once the map is in place, companies can use the information for a variety of tasks such as infrastructure change management and migrations, cybersecurity and compliance. It defines its target market as companies with between a few hundred and a few thousand employees managing perhaps 100 servers or or more with between $100 million to a few billion dollars in revenue. Usually their budgets will be very low, and usually there’s no innovation tailored for that type of segment,” he said.

Uncovering Key Takeaways from the LockBit Takedown: A Compilation of Lessons Learned

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Even ransomware gangs fail to patch vulnerabilitiesYes, even ransomware gangs are slow to patch software bugs. Lockbit ransomware group administrative staff has confirmed with us their websites have been seized. — vx-underground (@vxunderground) February 19, 2024Ransomware takedowns take a long timeThe LockBit takedown, known officially as “Operation Cronos,” was years in the making, according to European law enforcement agency Europol. Given Kondratiev has hands in at least five different ransomware gangs, the sanctions are likely to make his life five times more difficult. We found various Easter eggs hidden on the now-seized LockBit site.

“Mastodon Vulnerability Exposed: How a Rivalling Spam Raid on Twitter/X Spotlights the ‘Fediverse'”

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A spam attack that impacted the open source X rival Mastodon, Misskey, and other apps highlights how the decentralized social web, also known as the Fediverse, is open to abuse. Over the past several days, attackers have targeted smaller Mastodon servers, taking advantage of open registrations to automate the creation of spam accounts. While this is not the first spam attack that has impacted the Fediverse, Rochko notes that only larger servers like had been targeted previously. The spam attack highlighted one of the weaknesses that comes with how the Fediverse is structured. It makes me want to walk away and give up,” wrote one Mastodon server admin