“Streamlined Avatar and 3D Model Creation: Roblox’s Revolutionary AI Upgrades”

Roblox is introducing two new AI technologies to reduce the time it takes to create avatars and 3D models, the company announced on Monday. Once a creator select the new feature, Roblox will run a number of tests over an asset and automatically rig, cage, segment and skin 3D models. The second feature is called “Texture Generator,” and enables creators to quickly change the look of 3D objects using plain language text prompts. For example, you can enter a text prompt to create texture for a 3D wooden treasure chest. With Texture Generator, Roblox is enabling creators to do the same thing within 15 to 30 seconds.

“Enhance Your Display Experience with Splitscreen: Apple’s Vision Pro Compatibility for Multi-Monitor Setups”

Splitscreen Image 0 679b Standard
Out of the box, Apple’s Vision Pro doubles as a 4K Mac virtual display, allowing you to extend an existing Mac desktop to the device’s spatial computing environment. A new app called Splitscreen takes things a step further, by allowing you to add a second macOS display to your Vision Pro — even if it uses a different Apple ID. Such an app could prove valuable for multitaskers who want to use more than one Mac computer with their Mac Virtual Display in the Vision Pro — for instance, one for work and one for personal use. With Splitscreen, you can effectively create the feeling of having a multiple monitor setup, but inside the VR/AR environment. However, the approach the app takes will allow the team behind Splitscreen to add more displays, settings, and other features soon after launching.