Sealed Acquires InfiSense to Expand Energy-Efficient Solutions

Sealed leveraged their expertise in predicting energy use and encouraging homeowners to switch from fossil fuels by acquiring a startup that monitors energy consumption down to the finest detail.

Sealed declined to reveal the details of the acquisition, but noted that acquiring InfiSense, based in Burlington, VT, would help them “reduce home energy waste.”

Based in Manhattan, Sealed finances and implements electric upgrades designed to reduce your energy bills, emissions and improve health. Replacing oil or gas heaters with efficient heat pumps and insulation are two of the methods employed. Recently this topic has been a hot button issue as potential stove regulations have become part of the debate over clean energy.

InfiSense’s sensors and software monitor air quality and energy use in buildings. Sealed plans to share this data with customers in the future.

Sealed stands out with its upfront payment structure for installation and weatherization – a fixed fee based on the energy-savings that their machine learning algorithms predict. If they underestimate, they take the hit; so accuracy is key!

Lauren Salz, Sealed’s co-founder and CEO, told TechGround that predicting people’s energy usage over time is the “lifeblood” of their company. Currently they use monthly data from utilities to fuel their algorithms, but purchasing InfiSense gives them an even deeper level of customer data.

Sealed has unveiled plans to install InfiSense sensors in customers’ homes, but they won’t be a requirement. Data gathered will help Sealed make predictions and also let curious customers closely track their energy usage and air quality.

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