Locad Raises Series A Round to Fuel Expansion of Logistics Offering Across SEA and Australia

Constantin Robertz’s experience moving warehouses for Zalora showed him that being an omnichannel e-commerce company requires a dedicated logistics infrastructure. With Locad, he was able to create a cloud-based platform that makes sourcing and shipping supplies easy for companies of all sizes.

With its new funding, Locad plans to build out its product from Southeast Asia towards other parts of the world. The company said that it plans to use the funds for growth in technology, marketing and expanding its team.

Today, Locad is one of the leading ride-sharing companies in the world. With its convenient app and fleet of safe, spacious vehicles, Locad provides a great alternative to traditional transportation methods like buses and taxis. The company is growing rapidly and has already expanded into new markets across

As the internet of things (IoT) continues to grow in popularity, companies are looking for delivery platforms that can handle the bulk of their order fulfillment. Locad, a Singapore-based startup, claims to be able to provide near-perfect order fulfillment rates thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. The platform uses inventory storage and packing as well as shipping and tracking services to complete orders quickly and efficiently. In addition, Locad has already served more than 200 brands across six countries, including Havaians, Levi’s Reckitt Benckiser and Emma Sleep. With such a large customer base and impressive track record thus far, it is likely that other businesses will join Locad on its journey into the IoT space soon enough.

As the largest network of warehouses in Southeast Asia and Australia, Locad aims to build the region’s largest network of warehouses over the next five years with its new funding. With its expansive warehouse space, Locad is well positioned to help businesses increase efficiency and decrease costs associated with storage. The company will use this additional funding to add more operators and warehouses to its network, helping businesses grow easily and efficiently.

Zalora’s experience in scaling up its logistics infrastructure and working with brands that had to set up their own e-commerce fulfillment capabilities has played a significant role in the development of Robertz’s cloud-based supply chain solution, which streamlines the process of sourcing and supplying products to customers. By providing a scalable and affordable logistics infrastructure as a service, Robertz is able to offer its customers an efficient and easy way to manage their product flow.

Because legacy logistics infrastructure was not designed for direct-to-consumer brands, they found it difficult to scale as their sales channels multiplied. Rather than rely on e-commerce platforms to provide fulfillment services, these brands needed to develop their own systems. This increased the cost and complexity of operations for these companies, which in turn slowed down their growth.

Any retailer looking to improve their delivery speed and reduce costs must consider technology like Locad. By integrating with warehouses and shipping carriers, Locad allows retailers to keep products closer to customers, reducing the time required to deliver orders. This provides shoppers with faster and cheaper options, leading to increased conversions at checkout.

With a logistics engine that can sync inventory from multiple sales channels, Locad helps brands manage their storage and delivery needs in-house, as well as through its network of warehouses and shipping carriers. This allows them to consolidate their inventory across sales channels, and add warehouses where necessary to better serve their customers.

In order to enable same-day delivery for customers in all of its Southeast Asia and Australian warehouses, Locad plans to increase the number of warehouses in Tier 1 to Tier 3 cities. This move will help the company maintain a high degree of efficiency and transparency across its delivery process, making it easier for customers to receive their orders quickly and easily.

Reeknot Investments Corporation (“Reeknot”) today announced that it has invested $5 million in logistics company, Locad, Inc. (OTCQB: LOCD). This investment follows Reeknot’s previous support of the company through its purchase of a majority stake in Locad earlier this year. With operations in over 30 cities, Locad is one of the leading providers of digital-native e-commerce logistics services to consumers outside of Tier 1 cities. According to Ervin Lim, vice president at Reeknot Investments: “We believe that Locad’s logistics engine will spur greater participation in the digital economy as consumers outside of Tier 1 cities can now receive their orders 2-3x faster at a fraction of the usual cost. By working with Locad and other innovative startups like them, we are helping to address some very important societal issues such as improving access to quality goods and services for those who don’t have easy access to them.”

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