Unlocking Startups Potential: Data Shows Benefits of Office Spaces

So, is the return of in-person work culture really a good thing or bad thing? While it may be true that some employees who leave because of this change are not truly mission-driven, it could also be argued that the return of in-person work culture can actually promote productivity and loyalty among employees. In the end, it will likely be up to individual businesses to decide whether or not they want to embrace this change.

Some founders believe that remaining in-person will help grow productivity and, eventually, the bottom line. They argue that remote work allows for more inclusive and expansive hiring, which could also help. Some venture capitalists are desperate to see portfolio companies succeed and may insist that being in-person will help. But other founders find the idea of not being able to see their team members inspiring and exciting, believing that it allows them to develop a more comprehensive understanding of their businesses.

Whereas in prior years startups have been focused on expanding their reach and acquiring new customers, in the coming years Kruze believes that companies will begin to focus on sustaining their current customer base and driving incremental value for them. Healy Jones at Kruze Consulting sees this shift as a positive, as it should finally allow startups to secure long-term success through continuous innovation rather than simply amassing more resources.

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