MAX Q: A Farewell Journey to the Final Countdown

It has been a long wait for the four astronauts, but they are finally boarding their spacecraft and heading to the International Space Station. The journey is called a ‘Seven-Month Journey’ and it will take them past Earth’s orbit before eventually landing on the orbiting outpost. Upon their arrival, they will become part of an intergovernmental team that is currently conducting research on behalf of human beings all over the world.

Today, the average person spends over eight hours watching television each day. Even with the increase of live streaming services,

  • Artificial gravity space station startup Vast makes its first acquisition
  • Relativity Space sets a launch date
  • News from Momentus, United Launch Alliance and more

Vast acquires Launcher in quest to build artificial gravity space stations

Launch is a startup focused on developing and fielding reusable, low-cost space tug systems. The company originated from stealth last September, and its acquisition by Vast Space indicates that the company is serious about its vision of building artificial gravity stations in low Earth orbit.

Launcher’s technology could help speed the exploration and exploitation of space, granting companies such as Vast access to cutting-edge tools. With its expertise in orbital mechanics, rocketry, and avionics, the company could help revolutionize space travel by developing new technologies for transporting people and payloads into orbit.

This acquisition could be a big step for Vast as they continue to pursue their growth strategy. McCaleb said that acquisitions are not part of their larger strategy, but this acquisition could work well for both companies. The Orbiter tug is a great tool for testing space station subsystems and components in orbit, and the team will be able to do more with the added resources. This is an exciting addition to Vast’s growing portfolio, and we look forward to seeing how it impacts their overall business growth.

vast space station

The Vast Space Station is a colossal structure that dominates the skyline. It is home to many different species and is constantly moving, expanding itsreach ever-more into space.

Relativity Space sets March launch date for Terran 1

Space company relativity space has successfully completed U.S. regulatory requirements for its first orbital flight, one which will take it beyond Earth’s orbit. The launch is now slated for March 8, but there are still challenges to overcome before the flight can happen as evidenced by recent issues with a helium tank that was supposed to be used in the launch vehicle.

Although it is not known exactly how Terran 1 will perform in space, Relativity has a history of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing and engineering. The team behind this mission is confident that their innovative approach and powerful printing technology will allow them to design and build an orbital vehicle that is both lightweight and durable. If all goes according to plan, this flight could pave the way for even more ambitious 3D-printed exploration missions in the future.

As Relativity Pictures prepares to launch its new space movie, “The Spaceman,” fans will be able to watch a live stream of the event. The film follows a man who is investigating the possibility that Jesus returned to Earth in a UFO and stars Neil deGrasse Tyson and Christopher Lloyd.

Relativity Space Terran 1

In the far future, humans fight for survival against an enemy that is fundamentally different from anything they have ever known. Their world is a dangerous place, where space is full of hostile creatures and realities constantly shift around them. To make matters worse, they

More news from TG+ and beyond

  • Kreios Space, a startup developing an electric propulsion system for very low Earth orbit, landed a new investment from Swiss investment firm SpaceQuest Ventures. (SpaceQuest)
  • Momentus released a slew of news this week: It announced three missions for 2023; a $10 million investment; that it was settling a lawsuit for $8.5 million, of which around $4 million is expected to be paid by insurance; and that its Vigoride-5 spacecraft is in good health. (Momentus/Momentus/Momentus/Momentus)
  • Payload’s Mo Islam offered a really smart prediction of SpaceX’s 2023 revenue, adding that he expects a Starlink IPO is likely over the next 18-24 months. (Payload)
  • Polaris Dawn, the first private spaceflight mission of billionaire Jared Isaacman’s Polaris Program, is now scheduled to launch this summer. (Polaris)
  • SpaceX is changing prices for Starlink residential customers, raising prices in some “limited capacity” areas but lowering prices in “excess capacity” areas. (CNBC)
  • Terran Orbital scored a $2.4 billion contract to design and build 300 satellites for Rivada Space Networks, which will be paid out via “milestone payments,” according to filings. (SEC)
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to establish a Texas Space Commission, and is requesting $350 million from legislators to fund the commission for two years. It’s unclear how that money will be spent. (Ars Technica)
  • Samsung is planning to integrate cell phone-to-satellite tech into its line of “Exynos” modem processors, and presumably to future smartphones. (Samsung)
  • United Launch Alliance is targeting May 4 for the debut launch of its Vulcan rocket, CEO Tory Bruno told reporters on a call.

Although it may seem otherwise, Max Q does not have a singular focus. Rather, it is a range of ideas and perspectives that are brought to you by different writers and thinkers. So whether you’re interested in gluten-free cooking, art therapy, or post-apocalyptic fiction, there’s likely something here for you. Plus, if you ever feel lost or like there’s something missing from your life, Max Q can help

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