Lucid Recalls Hundreds of Air Sedans Due to Risk of Power Loss

The recall affects Air sedans with 2.0L or 2.4L engines made in the years 2013-2015, and includes both Lucid Motors Corp. and Tesla Inc.’s Model S and X vehicles, according to the filing. The problem is a fuel delivery module that may fall off the vehicle, affecting power steering and other systems, NHTSA said in a statement…A fuel delivery module failure could cause loss of power steering, loss of air conditioning control functionality , reduced engine performance, increased risk of fire , and an increase in the risk of a crash .

The automaker is warning owners of their Air vehicles that the electrically activated contact switches may unexpectedly open, potentially cutting off power to the electric motors. To date, they have issued a recall for 273 model year 2022 and 2023 vehicles and are now also warning owners of 336 additional models that may also be affected. If you own one of these cars, you will need to receive a software update to assess whether your car requires contactor replacement.

What are Lucid’s plans to make sure that customers’ safety is prioritized? They have announced a recall and are working to contact the owners of affected vehicles. What do you think their intentions are for ensuring customer satisfaction during this process?

Lucid said that its service centers will replace the contactor switches, as necessary, free of charge to affected vehicle owners. This news comes after a recall of over 1 million vehicles from Tesla, GM and Lucid due to potential safety concerns with their contactors. These recalls come as a setback for Lucid’s fledgling company, which has been attempting to gain traction in the electric car market.

Given that CEO Peter Rawlinson mentioned the recall in February and that it wasn’t posted on the NHTSA website until recently, many consumers likely don’t know about it. The voluntary recall involves a small number of Lucid Airs and is related to a supplier issue, so those who own one may want to be careful not to fly with it until an update from Tesla is available.

Mr. Kuehn’s statement asserts that Audi was not required by the government to update their software in order to identify potentially impacted cars, yet they still went ahead and did so. This suggests that either Mr. Kuehn believes that their customers are more important than the government, or else they felt there was a chance of reaching even more customers through this update.

In recent months, Lucid had to scale back production targets after struggling with issues with suppliers. This problem has been ongoing for over a year, and analysts had expected Lucid to produce only 7,180 vehicles in 2022.

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