DataDome Secures $42M for AI-Powered Bot Protection

Since bots are now a larger part of online activity, businesses are at a greater risk of being targeted by bad bots. This is particularly true now that 42.3% of internet traffic in 2021 will be bot-run automated routines with ill intent. In order to combat this threat, companies need to have comprehensive policies and procedures in place to identify and block malicious bots. Additionally, they should be aware of the types of activities that trigger bot behavior, so they can take appropriate action if suspicious activity is detected.

Bot-fighting technologies are becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to protect themselves from the damage bots can cause. DataDome, a provider of bot protection services for mobile apps, websites and APIs, has raised $42 million in a Series C round led by InfraVia Growth with participation from Elephant and ISAI. These funds will be used to continue expanding their existing product lines and development efforts, as well as invest in new areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence

The funding climate for cybersecurity startups is difficult, but their innovative solutions to common issues such as online fraud or data breaches continue to be in high demand. Despite the downturn, some of the most promising startups are still able to secure significant funding, thanks to their innovative ideas and commitment to customer service.

DataDome is a revolutionary new product that allows users to access their data in a more efficient and organized manner. The company was founded by Benjamin Fabre, an entrepreneur with experience in online marketing and software development. Fabre says that the proceeds from the Series C will be put toward supporting the company’s commercial rollout and R&D efforts. DataDome offers users a way to manage their data without having to resort to spreadsheets or other difficult methods, making it a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their productivity.

InfraVia’s past success in raising funds for its bot mitigation technology has lead to their latest round of investments. Fabre says that the company is committed to bot mitigation as the foundation for online fraud prevention and sees this investment as a means of continuing this work. InfraVia is also pleased with its cash efficiency, which has allowed them to keep their fundraising totals low while still growing quickly.

DataDome’s approach is different than that of other antifraud and security companies because it relies on data to identify patterns of behavior. By crunching numbers from websites, apps, and APIs, the company is able to create “bot profiles” that can help prevent bot-based threats.

DataDome is one of a slew of startups looking to help fight online bots. One way they do this is by using their proprietary anti-bot platform Polyform. This platform monitors and analyses user activity in order to identify potential bots and stop them from causing damage. ThreatX develops similar tech for APIs and web apps, while PerimeterX uses machine learning to learn about normal behavior and predict anomalous bot activity, automatically shutting it down. These companies are fighting the issue head-on by understanding what bots are doing, stopping them before they cause too much damage, and building a better understanding of how users interact with websites in order to make future iterations more effective.

DataDome is a company that focuses on data analysis and security. They claim to be the only platform that analyzes each traffic request anew, in real time, using various techniques. This allows them to identify any vulnerabilities or malicious behavior on user devices. Additionally, they offer features like a CAPTG+HA which can thwart bots. DataDome is incredibly scalable, processing more than 3 trillion data signals every day.


The DataDome is a fascinating dataset that allows users to explore large amounts of data in an easily accessible way. By providing users with a

At Meltdown, our customers feel like they’re the ones being attacked when Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift mess up. We approach these problems as if we’re an attacker, evaluating each request for its intent. This allows us to create solutions that are unique to the customer and don’t rely on standard methods or technologies.

DataDome is a machine learning and artificial intelligence service that uses a variety of models to attempt to spot malicious bots. Once something abnormal has been detected, DataDome deploys a range of techniques, including data mining, to infer what caused the change. This allows them to better defend their networks from attack and improve their sentinel detection abilities.

Often, when malicious actors attempt to infiltrate systems, they do so by exploiting known vulnerabilities. By understanding what type of attacks are being attempted and how successful those attacks were, security professionals can improve the quality of their detection and prevent future breaches.

DataDome is focusing on two product lines – CAPTG+HA and AI models to block bot threats. Customers appear to be pleased with the trajectory, with revenue doubling from October 2021. This may reflect increased customer sophistication in combating bots, or simply that more enterprises are adopting these products. The focus on bots may also bode well for DataDome’s other products, such as analytics and reporting tools that help enterprises understand the threats they face.

In the competitive field ofBot security, is continuing to make a name for itself as a premier providerof AI-powered bot security solutions. This market is expected to grow at a rate of 6% annually through 2021, according to research firm Gartner.’s decision to invest in advanced AI capabilitiesallows it to detect and block bots that are unknown or untested by traditional methods like white lists and blacklists.

From its inception, DataDome has been focused on protecting brands and their precious domains from cybercrime. With the help of its active users, DataDome has built up a powerful arsenal of domain protection tools. Nowadays, the platform is relied upon by companies all over the world to protect their assets from online threats.

Automated attacks against businesses have become a reality since the pandemic created a shift online. Cyber-criminals are aware that by targeting businesses and their customers, they can make significant profits. In order to stay ahead of these threats, cyber-security solutions must be able to keep up with the constantly evolving automation techniques used by criminals.

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