Ryder and BrightDrop Launch Autonomous Delivery with Zevo 600 Deliveries

BrightDrop sees Ryder as a perfect customer because they share a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and affordability. The company plans to add 4,000 EVs to their fleet through 2025, which will help them reduce emissions and improve operating efficiency.

The news of BrightDrop’s big commercial customer comes as the company demonstrated its ability to deliver EVs at scale. The 500 vans that BrightDrop has shipped so far are built at CAMI Assembly, which is a high-volume manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada.

What sets BrightDrop apart from Rivian is its focus on the commercial market. BrightDrop has announced partnerships with some of the biggest names in commerce, including Amazon and Walmart. This gives BrightDrop an edge over Rivian, which is currently only focused on the delivery market.

GM is backing BrightDrop, a company that plans on producing 50,000 Zevos annually by 2025. This ambitious goal is likely to require substantial investment, but with the support of GM, it seems as though BrightDrop has what it takes to succeed.

BrightDrop is looking to meet the high demand for its electric sports cars by manufacturing enough units to appease its over thirty commercial customers. The company has already sold out of 2023 model year Zevo 600s, indicating that there is a high demand for this type of vehicle.

Ryder announced that it will deploy 200 Zevo 600s in rental fleets in California, Dallas-Fort Worth and New York City later this year. The vans have a cargo capacity of over 600 cubic feet, which will make them useful for transportation of large items.

Dubbed the “flagship of the fan fleet”, the new Zevo 600 is a sleek, high-performance motorcycle that’s been designed with enthusiasts in mind. Powered by a 650cc engine, this bike is perfect for those who love to push themselves to their limits.

Looking ahead, BrightDrop is predicting that it will bring in more than $1 billion in revenue this year. In order to reach that goal, the company is focusing on its vehicles and its subscription-based software platform, BrightDrop Core. While the vehicles are by far the company’s biggest cash cows, it is also hoping to develop and launch a SaaS product that could provide customers with detailed insights into their operations.

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