Saudi Arabias Sizable Acquisition: $4.9B for Mobile Games Company Scopely

Scopely’s acquisition by Savvy Games Group signals Saudi Arabia’s commitment to investing in the mobile gaming industry. The company will join other Saudi-owned mobile gaming companies like Asiasoft and app developer Scorchio, giving Saudi gamers more choices when it comes to their favorite genres of games.

According to industry watchers, Scopely’s 2020 post-money valuation is an indication of the company’s impressive growth trajectory. In addition to its recent acquisitions–including Disney’s FoxNext Games and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s GSN Games–the company expects to continue expanding its portfolio of games through strategic partnerships and mergers.

Savvy Games Group has announced their intention to invest in and grow the global games community, which includes the acquisition of Scopely. This move signals the company’s intent to support popular gaming communities, something that experienced players will appreciate.

Scopely is looking to capitalize on the widespread growth of esports by building an autonomous company that includes ESL and Faceit. The co-CEOs Walter Driver and Javier Ferreira have decades of experience in the gaming industry and will continue to lead the company going forward. The company is aiming to provide a platform for gamers of all levels, from amateur competitors to professional gaming teams.

Scopely has been around for a long time and they have always been one of the top players in the mobile-first games industry. They have a technology platform that is second to none, as well as a team of world-class developers who are able to create lasting franchises that delight players. With Brian joining the company, there is no doubt that Scopely will continue to be one of the leaders in mobile gaming.

The Scopely acquisition will allow the company to expand its reach across many different gaming platforms, increasing the variety of games that can be played. This in turn should result in more engaged and loyal players, which will help create a larger market for its products.

Video games are a big business, with billions of dollars being spent on each and every one. Saudi Arabia is betting big on the industry, and one company looking to get in on the action is Savvy. They plan to develop and acquire top-tier games, positioning themselves as the go-to source for quality entertainment. This investment could mean big things for the video game industry as a whole, and it will be interesting to see whatSorto comes up with in response.

Video game acquisitions are becoming more and more expensive, with companies willing to spend billions of dollars on the companies they want to acquire. This deal marks the sixth biggest acquisition in video games history, and is likely only dwarfed by the $68.7 billion Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for earlier this year. It’s clear that video game publishers are seeing big profits and are looking to expand their businesses at any cost.

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