Construction Companies Reap Benefits as Graneet Secures Investment of $8.7 Million

Graneet is a software-as-a-service company that focuses on helping small construction companies grow their businesses. Over the past six months, the company has tripled its revenue and continues to add new features to its product to help construction companies around the world thrive.

This is good news for Point Nine as it shows that they are interested in investing in the Graneet platform. The startup has already raised €8 million, so this new round will help them continue their growth.

Graneet plans on revolutionizing the travel industry by providing aggressive deals on airfare and hotels, allowing consumers to comparison shop for the best rates. The company believes that by making it easy for people to find and book affordable travel, they can reduce the strain on the economy and create more jobs in the industry.

Graneet’s vertical SaaS model is designed specifically for construction companies, who need a Siloed E-Commerce Platform that can help them streamline their processes and save time. The platform was built with ease of use and efficiency in mind, providing a customer experience that is second to none.

Construction companies that use Graneet for their small business will have everything they need to keep track of their projects, manage team members andinelli subcontractors. Graneet also offers a full range of accounting and reporting tools, which makes it easy to keep tabs on financial health and performance. Overall, Graneet is an excellent choice for smaller construction outfits that want to stay organized and manage their project efficiently.

When Graneet began working with construction companies, he helped them to better predict their margins. By tracking the progress of the construction project and monitoring costs, companies were able to make shrewd decisions about how much money to spend and when. This gave them a significant advantage over their competition.

Graneet hopes to increase its customer base by acquiring new customers through its easy-to-use product. The company has been working hard to make the product more powerful and user friendly, while also keeping up with the latest changes in the industry. Graneet is confident that it has created a product that can grow rapidly and serve its customers well.

What could be more satisfying than knowing that you’ve helped a construction company turn a profit? Graneet, a new software platform designed to streamline the construction process, aims to make this happen for companies of all sizes. Already in use by several construction companies, Graneet has an extensive roadmap ahead that includes financial products and deep integrations with third-party services. This makes Graneet one of the most promising startups in the industry right now.

The Graneet team

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