Orbex CEO Steps Down After Small Launch Success

Orbex has announced that it is undergoing a change in leadership, with Managing Director Malcolm Ritchie taking on the additional role of CEO. The company says that this change will enable it to focus more on its research and development activities as well as improve customer service.

It was only last month that news of the startup’s impending launch began circulating online. With Chris Larmour no longer leading the company, it is uncertain just when – or even if – their product will see the light of day.

According to sources, ORBEX’s departure from the company was not strictly voluntary – something that may have signaled a more uneasy exit. While unable to provide further information, Orbex’s LinkedIn post suggests that the departure is mutual, though it is unclear what fueled this decision on both sides. With just months until Prime – Orbex’s first microlauncher – reaches its first test phase, many unanswered questions remain about the future of this promising startup.

Orbex’s recent trouble may be a sign that the company is not yet ready for primetime. The scramble to find a new parent company, the high-profile hacks last year, and now the looming legal battle suggest that Orbex has some serious growing up to do.

Rumors abound as to who will take over as CEO of Orbex, with some speculating that the search could go on for months. In the meantime, the company has appointed an interim CEO, but it is unclear who that person will be. With its business in flux, Orbex may need more than an interim leader to help it navigate this uncertain time.

Orbex is a high-profile European startup that has raised nearly $124 million in venture capital. The company recently surpassed German startup Isar Aerospace in terms of Funding. Orbex is focused on revolutionizing the space industry with its innovative technology, and its backers believe that the company has a lot of potential to grow into one of Europe’s leading technological forces.

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