Max Q: The Failure That Launched Success

Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, eating healthy foods, or taking breaks to think critically, there are

The explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986 has been cited as one of the most tragic events in U.S

  • Starship’s successful failure
  • Rocket Lab’s Electron goes suborbital
  • News from Orbit Fab and more

The success of the launch is a sign of SpaceX’s progress in developing and launching Starship. The vehicle passed through Max Q and flew for around three minutes, demonstrating that it is capable of carrying large payloads into space. The test also demonstrated the effectiveness of SpaceX’s design and manufacturing process, which has led to a successful first flight test.

This pilot test was a huge success, as it yielded invaluable data for future Starship tests. It confirmed that the rocket is capable of flying and that the design is sound. This information will help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of future tests, which will ultimately result in a successful launch of the spacecraft.

SpaceX Starship launch

SpaceX has been quietly dethroning NASA as the space agency with the most successful launches in recent years. They have achieved this

Rocket Lab is positioning its hypersonic suborbital launch service as a viable new alternative to traditional orbital launches. With this new offering, Rocket Lab is hoping to tap into the burgeoning market for suborbital tourism, as well as offer customers a more affordable way to get into space.

Rocket Lab’s “Haste” is an experimental vehicle that is derived from the successful Electron orbital launch vehicle. The first of these will be launched at Rocket Lab’s U.S. launch facility in Wallops Island, Virginia, which represents a new era for small satellites and space startups looking to enter the market.

Rocket Lab HASTE rocket

Since 2013, Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, has been maneuvering cargo payloads to and from the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA.

More news from TG+ and beyond

  • Astranis closed $200 million in new funding as it gears up for its first launch on a SpaceX Super Heavy this week. (Bloomberg)
  • Axiom Space is launching a new program aimed at giving countries that don’t have a domestic space agency easier access to space. (Axiom)
  • AWS announced the 14 startups that will be participating in its space accelerator. (AWS)
  • Lockheed Martin successfully demonstrated rendezvous and proximity operations, technologies that could be used for on-orbit servicing, earlier this year. (Via Satellite)
  • Orbit Fab, a startup that wants to establish on-orbit refueling services, closed a $28.5 million Series A. (TechGround)
  • Rocket Lab plans to reuse a Rutherford engine, which powers the Electron rocket, for the first time in an upcoming launch. (Rocket Lab)
  • Space Capital’s latest quarterly investment report highlights how the private markets are continuing to reset after the sky-high valuations and fund flow of the past few years. (Space Capital)
  • Space Forge, a U.K.-based startup that focuses on in-space manufacturing, plans to expand its presence in the U.S. with manufacturing facilities for its satellites. (Space Forge)
  • SpaceX reduced Starlink monthly customer service fees to customers in multiple European countries. (Starlink Insider)
  • SpaceX’s “successful failure” highlights how Starship missions are in need of a timeline reset. (TechGround)
  • Virgin Orbit has every intention of launching again, despite filing for bankruptcy and laying off 85% of its staff. (The Washington Post)

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