Clockwork Cloud Deluxe: Bye-Bye Packet Drops, Hello Network Performance!

Clockwork today announced a new service that utilizes its clock synchronization service to eliminate packet drops to help businesses improve their network performance. With this new service, businesses can reduce lag time and improve networking speeds, makingsure that their websites and applications are always up-and-running smoothly.

Clockwork’s new ‘sense-and-control’ dashboard is designed to help businesses reduce network latency, jitter, and virtually eliminate packet drops between their machines. By providing fine-grained data about latency in their networks, Latency Sensei helps businesses optimize resource usage and further improve the performance of their systems.

In a world where data is streaming in real-time and telecommunications networks are becoming more and more congested, new technology is emerging that could solve some of the problems. Called timestamp gossiping, this new approach to networking uses timestamps to communicate between network nodes instead of packets. This can dramatically reduce the amount of overhead involved in transferring data between nodes, which in turn could lead to increased speeds and less congestion on networks.

The company’s one-way measurements show that packet loss and latency are slashed while bandwidth utilization is increased when Cloud Deluxe is used as congestion control features. This suggests that Cloud Deluxe could be a key component in optimizing networks for improved performance. For businesses that rely heavily on their data, this could be a crucial stepping stone to increased productivity.

It can be difficult to accurately measure congestion in a networked setting, as it requires measurements that are fast and accurate. However, if done correctly, this information can be used to manage congestion in a more effective manner. By knowing when congestion is beginning to occur, networks can proactively add buffers or route packets around congested areas.

Clockwork Systems is a company that designs and manufactures innovative timepiece-related technologies. Their products are used by some of the world’s most accomplished individuals, including world leaders

Clockwork’s latency-measurement capabilities are particularly well-suited for data center homogeneity and load balancing. By understanding the latency distribution for different applications, Clockwork can allocate bandwidth more intelligently, helping to avoid co-location issues and reduce network congestion.

Uber is using Clockwork’s Cloud Deluxe software to help them build high-performance network infrastructure on top of generic cloud environments. By killing packet delays and eliminating packet drops, they are able to improve visibility into their complex multi-cloud environment and gain a decisive edge over their competitors.

Previously, it was difficult to get an accurate snapshot of the network state for backups and disaster recovery. Prabhakar’s company is able to enable better snapshots by using more accurate clocks. This means that rather than pausing the application and waiting for packets to reach their destination, you can simply say: all the VMs take a break for a few nanoseconds, wait a few milliseconds for everything that’s still in flight to land, take the snapshot, and resume. This makes snapshots easier to create and therefore provides an improved level of accuracy when restoring back networks or data.

The advent of Clockwork’s UniChron API and interactive control panel gives users unprecedented control over clock accuracy. Not only can they set bounds on accuracy to ensure precise timekeeping, but they can also programmatically access all features of the system through APIs. This gives users immense flexibility in how they use clock information, making it a powerful tool for everything from scheduling and budgeting to improving productivity.

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