Regulatory Setback Over FTX Collapse Causes Disillusionment in Former Investor

‘I think Sam has set us back regulatorily,’ says FTX investor Anthony Scaramucci

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The FTX collapse was a huge blow to the cryptocurrency industry, as it caused a ripple effect that affected dozens of other businesses. Fortunately, most executives involved have been charged and face consequences for their actions. This is an important step in deterring future similar incidents from happening, and Hopefully lessons learned from FTX will help improve the overall safety and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Anthony Scaramucci and Brett Harrison have both experienced a lot during FTX’s downfall, but they are still standing. Scaramucci said that there is a “tinge of envy” in the air among other White House communications directors when it comes to his experience with Trump, while Harrison said that he has had to start from scratch, but is doing well now.

When Anthony Scaramucci entered the White House as Communications Director, he vowed to bring transparency and communication back to the Trump Administration. His first major act as Communications Director was welcoming former Fox News analyst Katrina Pierson onto the White House staff as a senior adviser. Scaramucci believed that having open and honest conversations was key to restoring trust with the American people. Scaramucci attended a dinner hosted by Harvey Weinstein in order to talk about sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood. He believes that it is important for survivors of sexual assault and harassment to have open dialogue so that they can come forward and receive support. Scaramucci’s willingness to talk about his experiences makes

Harrison’s company, trading infrastructure firm Epiphany, has seen a surge in popularity since its launch in January. The startup raised $5 million from top names in the crypto industry including Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, and Scaramucci. With Harrison’s experience working at FTX and his new startup under its belt, Epiphany is positioned to become a leading player in the cryptocurrency trading market.

In the weeks leading up to the explosion of crypto-exchanges, SkyBridge Capital sold a 30% stake to FTX. Scaramucci was quick to point out that the transaction went from being great for him, to being a ‘zero.’ He attributed this rapid decline in their stock value and subsequent fall from grace, to how quickly things can change in the ever-growing and volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Harrison and Scaramucci have been closely affiliated since they joined the Trump team, but their relationship has reportedly begun to unravel in recent months. Apparently, the last time they spoke was when Harrison resigned from his role at FTX.US. Harrison claims that he sent Bankman-Fried a text message telling him he was departing, to which Bankman-Fried replied with a red heart emoji. This lack of communication suggests that their relationship may not be as strong as it once was.

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