Alleged Firing of Eight Activist Employees at SpaceX Questioned by US Labor Board

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed a complaint alleging that SpaceX illegally fired eight employees who wrote and distributed an open letter with workplace concerns. Circulated in June 2022, the open letter called out how SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk’s public behavior was harming the company’s reputation. At the time, Business Insider alleged that SpaceX paid a $250,000 settlement to a flight attendant that Elon Musk sexually harassed. As a result of its complaint, the NLRB regional director in Los Angeles will seek to arrive at a settlement with SpaceX. If SpaceX doesn’t settle, the company will face a hearing before an administrative law judge in March.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken action against SpaceX, accusing the company of illegally terminating eight employees. These employees were allegedly let go after distributing an open letter expressing concerns about the work environment.

This open letter, released in June of 2022, addressed the behavior of Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX. The employees spoke out against how his actions in the public eye were damaging the company’s image. In fact, it was reported by Business Insider that SpaceX had paid a settlement of $250,000 to a flight attendant who accused Musk of sexual harassment.

As the open letter states:
“Elon’s behavior in the public sphere is a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us, particularly in recent weeks. As our CEO and most prominent spokesperson, Elon is seen as the face of SpaceX—every Tweet that Elon sends is a de facto public statement by the company. It is critical to make clear to our teams and to our potential talent pool that his messaging does not reflect our work, our mission, or our values.”

The NLRB has also stated that SpaceX subjected its employees to interrogation, surveillance, and threats. As a result of this complaint, the NLRB’s regional director in Los Angeles will attempt to reach a settlement with SpaceX. However, if the company does not agree to a settlement, a hearing will be held before an administrative law judge in March.

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