The ultimate objective of a startup is to terminate its existence

In startup-land, the lifecycle of birth, growth and the inevitable leap of faith happens at a breakneck pace. Still, we occasionally fall into the trap of grieving the demise of these companies. The whole point of a startup is to build something enduring. Yes, but: Dive a bit deeper, and you’ll realize that the very model of startups is dependent on drama — whether that’s dramatic ascent, or a rapid crash into the nearest mountain side. And in that dynamic we can understand why we shouldn’t mourn failure.

In the bustling world of startups, the journey from conception to growth to taking a leap of faith happens at a relentless pace. Yet, we often find ourselves lamenting the end of these ventures. But in my opinion, that’s a fruitless endeavor.

The fundamental purpose of a startup is to create something that will stand the test of time. A corporate “Mount Rushmore,” so to speak. And while this may be the goal, the very essence of startups is rooted in drama – whether it be a triumphant rise or a sudden plunge into failure. There is no middle ground. And it is in this dynamic that we can understand why mourning failure is unnecessary.

“The whole point of a startup is to build something enduring.”

A startup’s fate is always unpredictable, and that’s the beauty of it. The ever-present element of risk is part of what makes startups so exciting and alluring. This constant state of flux also means that failure is inevitable for some. But instead of dwelling on the downfall, we should celebrate the journey and the lessons learned along the way.

So why shouldn’t we mourn failure?

  • It is a natural part of the startup journey. Failure is not a sign of defeat, but rather a stepping stone towards future success.
  • It teaches us valuable lessons. Failure forces us to reassess and learn from our mistakes, making us stronger and wiser for the next endeavor.
  • It opens new opportunities. Failure may lead to unexpected opportunities and pivot points, allowing for growth and evolution of ideas.
  • It builds resilience. Going through failure and overcoming it can build resilience and determination, qualities crucial for success in the startup world.

Remember to embrace the highs and lows of the startup journey, for it is in these moments that true innovation and growth can thrive.

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