“Transform Your iPhone into a Vintage BlackBerry with a Simple $139 Investment from This Innovative Startup”

Clicks Technology is today unveiling the Clicks creator keyboard for the iPhone. The thing is, we haven’t abandoned physical buttons. By moving the keyboard off the display when typing, Clicks almost doubles the available screen. And for those who really miss the good old days of typing on a physical keyboard, the Clicks creator keyboard offers real keys. iPhone users can now use shortcuts like CMD + H to navigate to the home screen, or CMD + Space to launch Search.

Clicks Technology is releasing a new keyboard specifically designed for the iPhone today, known as the Clicks creator keyboard. However, instead of embracing the futuristic technology that we have become accustomed to, this keyboard seems to be a step back in time. In fact, it evokes memories of the days when BlackBerry and Nokia were the top players in mobile communication, relying solely on physical buttons for operation.

According to Michael Fisher, co-founder of Clicks Technology, it’s strange that we have moved away from physical keyboards on our smartphones, considering how frequently we use them on other devices like desktops, laptops, and tablets. However, the truth is that physical buttons have not been completely abandoned. In fact, there are many Bluetooth keyboards on the market that serve this purpose perfectly. The on-screen keyboards with their advanced features such as swipe, predictive text, and spell-checking have proven to be a more efficient solution for on-the-go individuals. The small, BlackBerry-style buttons were a disaster, and it’s no surprise that they didn’t survive in the competitive tech world.

The Clicks keyboard claims to combine the best of both worlds, offering the benefits of touch screen and physical typing. By removing the keyboard from the display when typing, it creates more space on the screen. This means that you can now see any mistakes with high definition clarity. However, for those who miss the satisfying feeling of typing on a physical keyboard, the Clicks creator keyboard offers real keys. Now, you can experience the physical pain in your fingers as you type out your thoughts on the go.

Another “innovation” that comes with the Clicks keyboard is the use of keyboard shortcuts. iPhone users can now use shortcuts like CMD + H to go to the home screen or CMD + Space to access the search function. It may seem like a new world, but in reality, these shortcuts have been around for a long time and are nothing groundbreaking.

The Clicks keyboard connects directly to the iPhone through a Lightning or USB-C port, disregarding the wireless world that we are used to. So for the price of $139 USD, you can relive the good old days of physical keyboards and unnecessary physical effort. The company is now accepting orders and plans to start shipping on February 1st.

So, if you’re feeling nostalgic and miss the inconvenience and extra effort of using physical buttons, then the Clicks keyboard may just be the perfect choice for you.

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