Withings introduces cutting-edge multiscope technology for efficient vitals monitoring during telehealth consultations

Aside from a brief on-again-off-again thing with Nokia, Withings has been quietly establishing itself as a home health powerhouse in recent years. The “multiscope,” as the company has deemed it, is designed to give patients easy access to vitals during teleconference health calls. It’s kind of a supercharged digital thermometer that also serves as an electrocardiogram, oximeter and stethoscope, giving your healthcare provider more insight into what’s going on with you in real time. “While convenient and cost-effective, remote visits lacked the ability for health professionals to carry out the routine checks they perform in person. That audio can also be sent to the healthcare provider via an app.

In the ever-evolving world of home health devices, there is a company that may not have the same level of name recognition as tech giants like Apple or Samsung, but is quietly making a name for itself. That company is Withings, and they have been consistently producing expertly crafted devices that aim to make monitoring one’s vital signs more accessible and convenient outside of a traditional doctor’s office setting.

One of Withings’ most intriguing offerings is their latest release, the BeamO. Despite its name, which may conjure images of a retro toy manufacturer from the 1980s, this device is far from child’s play. It represents a new category for Withings, a “multiscope” designed to provide patients with easy access to their vitals during teleconferencing health calls.

With the rise of telehealth visits during the pandemic, which the U.S. government reports experienced a staggering 15x increase, the BeamO makes perfect sense. While the numbers have likely decreased as the world has opened back up, the efficiency and convenience of a remote visit for non-emergency cases cannot be ignored.

“Smaller than a smartphone” according to Withings, the BeamO offers four key health measurements in one compact device. It functions not only as a digital thermometer, but also serves as an electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope, giving healthcare providers real-time insights into their patients’ well-being.

Withings’ CEO, Eric Carrell, recognizes the increasing prevalence of post-pandemic telemedicine and the need for innovation in this area. “While convenient and cost-effective, remote visits lacked the ability for health professionals to carry out the routine checks they perform in person. BeamO will make this possible remotely with a device that combines the functionality of four different pieces of medical equipment.”

The BeamO has the capability to simultaneously measure SpO2, heart rate, and ECG (all “medical grade” according to Withings) and display this information on its compact screen. Users can also connect headphones via a USB-C to audio jack adapter, and the audio can be transmitted to their healthcare provider through an accompanying app.

However, the system is still awaiting FDA clearance for advanced features like AFib detection. Withings plans to release the BeamO in July of this year for a price of $250.

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