Honda’s CES 2024 Preview: ‘Thin and Light’ 0 Series EVs Lead the Charge for Electric Future

Honda is dunking on the ‘thick, heavy’ electric vehicle trend in an attempt to build buzz around its upcoming 0 series EVs. Honda also didn’t say specify if it plans to use such materials when it commercially launches its first 0 series electric vehicles. Honda has lagged in the switch to electrics, and it recently called it quits on a plan to co-develop “affordable” electric vehicles with GM. Though Honda plans to launch an electric Prologue this year, the automaker intends to launch 30 EVs by 2030. That’s why the 0 series launch will be a big moment for Honda.

Honda is challenging the conventional notion of heavy and bulky electric vehicles with its new 0 series EV lineup. At the highly anticipated CES 2024 event, the prestigious automaker unveiled two captivating concept vehicles – the Saloon and Space-Hub – and announced that the first commercial model will be released in North America in 2026.

Honda’s innovative first 0 series model is said to be based on the sleek and spacious Saloon concept, which strikes the perfect balance between luxury and sportiness. With its futuristic design reminiscent of a scene from a Blade Runner sequel, the Saloon is truly a sight to behold. As for the Space-Hub, its van-like appearance offers a more practical and less dystopian alternative.

According to Honda executive Shinji Aoyama, these groundbreaking concepts are “exceedingly unique from other EVs”. However, as is often the case with concepts, practicality and mass market appeal may influence the final design, resulting in some compromises.

In other words, don’t get your hopes up for touchscreen headrests just yet.

“The mobility we envision is not simply following the trend of ‘thick, heavy, but smart’ EVs,” stated global CEO Toshihiro Mibe. “We will revolutionize the industry with our new Honda 0 EV series, starting from a completely fresh perspective of being thin, lightweight, and intelligent.”

This bold announcement from Honda also includes a subtle jab at the current trend of electric vehicle manufacturers prioritizing bigger and heavier models. As Mibe states, “the increasing weight of electric cars poses a danger to pedestrians and requires larger batteries and more energy to compensate.” Seems like Honda is already thinking ahead.

While the first details of Honda’s upcoming 0 series models are still shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that the company is committed to a more lightweight approach. Although, this begs the question – if Honda truly values lighter vehicles, then why did they discontinue the popular Honda e?

One intriguing aspect of the Saloon is its use of “sustainable materials” throughout the exterior and interior, as mentioned in Honda’s press release. However, specific details of these materials were not provided when TechCrunch inquired. And, it’s unclear if these environmentally-conscious materials will be utilized in the commercial launch of the 0 series EVs.

Honda has been slower in transitioning to electric vehicles compared to other manufacturers, and their plans for a collaboration with GM were recently scrapped. While they do plan to launch the electric Prologue this year, Honda is ambitiously aiming for 30 EVs by 2030. That’s why the launch of the 0 series will be a significant moment for the company. Although there is limited information available, it’s still the closest look we have at Honda’s electrified future.

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