“Employee Badges Now Gain Access to Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ Technology”

The retail giant announced today the launch of “badge pay,” a new option that will initially bring Just Walk Out technology to a hospital setting. With the launch, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff will be able to grab food and beverages from their hospital’s Just Walk Out store by scanning their employee badges. The employees will also be able to look up their receipts and see their account balance in their hospital’s badge pay web portal or mobile app, Amazon explains. At this location, Amazon worked with healthcare automation provider CBORD on the implementation of the tech at the hospital store. The Candler Hospital’s store, meanwhile, is operated by food and nutrition provider Morrison Healthcare, which serves over 950 hospitals and healthcare systems.

Amazon’s groundbreaking technology, Just Walk Out, continues to revolutionize the retail experience. This innovative system, powered by computer vision and sensors, allows shoppers to effortlessly make purchases without the need for a cashier. And now, it’s expanding into the corporate world with the introduction of “badge pay.” This exciting new feature utilizes employee badges as the payment method, bringing Just Walk Out to the realm of healthcare.

The launch of “badge pay” at St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital Campus in Savannah, Georgia marks an exciting step for Just Walk Out. Employees such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff can now simply scan their badges to purchase food and drinks from the on-site store. The badge is linked to their payroll deduct account, making it convenient to pay for goods at any time, including after the cafeteria has closed.

In addition to being able to make purchases, employees can also access their receipts and check their account balance through their hospital’s badge pay web portal or mobile app, as explained by Amazon.

This new feature was made possible through a collaboration with healthcare automation provider CBORD. Along with providing convenience for employees, visitors to the hospital can also take advantage of Just Walk Out technology by using their debit or credit cards or mobile wallets. And for those who prefer a more traditional payment method, receipts can be accessed through justwalkout.com/receipts. The on-site store at Candler Hospital is operated by Morrison Healthcare, which serves over 950 hospitals and healthcare systems.

Paul P. Hinchey, president and CEO of St. Joseph’s/Candler, expressed the significance of this launch for the hospital. “Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology supports our smart medicine strategy by providing high tech solutions to our patients, visitors and co-workers, even with food service,” Hinchey stated. “With this technology, Candler Hospital co-workers needing a quick snack or a meal during the third shift, as well as visitors taking care of friends or family members, have a convenient way to purchase the meals, snacks, and drinks they need so they can quickly get back to their loved ones.” However, this launch is also a test for the hospital to determine the potential for implementing this technology at other locations. “Once we evaluate its impact post-launch, we will determine how this technology might be utilized on our other campuses,” Hinchey added.

The addition of badge pay is just one of the latest updates for Just Walk Out. Earlier this year, the system added support for RFID tags and various types of store formats, including concession stands and university stores where students can use their meal plan accounts to make purchases. And for retailers that have implemented Just Walk Out, they can also benefit from Just Walk Out Analytics, which provides aggregated and anonymized data to assist with business decisions.

As Amazon continues to innovate and expand Just Walk Out technology, it’s clear that the future of retail is changing. With its seamless and convenient shopping experience, Just Walk Out is setting a new standard for retail technology.

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