Introducing Airbnb’s Latest Designation for Its Best and Worst Accommodations

Airbnb Top Home Highlight
Airbnb already has labels like “Guest favorites” and “Superhost” to indicate the quality of a property or the host. Now the company is adding a new label for the top 25% and top 1% properties on the listing page. Usually, Airbnb releases updates twice a year with so-called winter and summer releases. Airbnb said today that nearly 1.5 million properties would be verified by the end of this month in these five markets with a verification badge shown next to the listings. Airbnb said that it plans to add photo and video verification tools for hosts to verify their listings.

“Employee Badges Now Gain Access to Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ Technology”

Amazon Just Walk Out Hospital
The retail giant announced today the launch of “badge pay,” a new option that will initially bring Just Walk Out technology to a hospital setting. With the launch, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff will be able to grab food and beverages from their hospital’s Just Walk Out store by scanning their employee badges. The employees will also be able to look up their receipts and see their account balance in their hospital’s badge pay web portal or mobile app, Amazon explains. At this location, Amazon worked with healthcare automation provider CBORD on the implementation of the tech at the hospital store. The Candler Hospital’s store, meanwhile, is operated by food and nutrition provider Morrison Healthcare, which serves over 950 hospitals and healthcare systems.