Second week of LoanDepot outage continues following ransomware attack

LoanDepot customers say they have been unable to make mortgage payments or access their online accounts following a suspected ransomware attack on the company last week. Users on social media and forums discussing the incident say they have struggled to access their account information or submit payments. LoanDepot’s updating cyber incident page says several LoanDepot customer portals returned online as of Thursday, albeit with limited functionality. When reached by email, LoanDepot spokesperson Jonathan Fine declined to comment, but did not dispute that the incident was linked to ransomware. LoanDepot has not yet updated regulators on the company’s recovery since its initial disclosure to the SEC on January 8.

Reports have emerged that customers of LoanDepot are facing major issues after a suspected ransomware attack hit the mortgage and loan giant last week. According to

the company, they are working diligently to restore normal business operations as quickly as possible.

However, many users have taken to social media and online forums to express their frustration with being unable to access their online accounts or make mortgage payments. Some have even reported difficulties in closing deals due to the ongoing disruption caused by the attack, while others have had better luck reaching the company by phone.

LoanDepot’s website has acknowledged the cyber incident and claims that several customer portals have been brought back online, although with limited functionality. However, when asked for comment,

LoanDepot spokesperson Jonathan Fine did not confirm or deny the connection to ransomware attack and declined to provide further details on the data that may have been compromised.

It’s worth noting that LoanDepot has not yet updated the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on their progress since their initial disclosure on January 8.

According to the company’s website, LoanDepot has millions of customers who may have been affected by the ransomware attack.

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