Threads begins trials on in-app camera shortcut and unpublished documents

Meta said Thursday that it has started to test two “most requested” features: drafts and in-app camera. You can write the post you might want to post later in the composer, and just swipe down to save the draft. The Threads app also shows a different composer icon in the bottom bar when there is a saved draft that you haven’t posted yet. Along with the new drafts feature, Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo through the new camera shortcut that opens in the composer. This shortcut makes it easier if you want to quickly post a photo to Threads.

Meta revealed exciting news on Thursday, announcing the testing of two highly requested features: drafts and an in-app camera. According to Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, these features are currently only available to a select few users.

For lucky users with access, the drafts feature allows for saving one post for later (unfortunately, only one!). The post can be easily written and then saved by swiping down in the composer. A handy feature in the Threads app is the display of a new composer icon on the bottom bar when a draft has been saved but not yet posted.

Besides the new drafts feature, CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the new camera shortcut for a quick post of a photo through the composer. The shortcut makes it convenient for quickly sharing a photo on Threads, but there is some uncertainty about whether basic editing tools like cropping will be available for the image.

This update follows reports of X’s plan to adopt Threads-like carousels for showcasing images, as revealed by app researcher Nima Owji.

“BREAKING: #X is removing the grid-style photos and making them carousels, instead!”

– Nima Owji (@nima_owji) February 22, 2024

With a whopping 130 million active users on the platform, Threads is exploring new means of engagement for its users. In fact, earlier this month, the company rolled out trending topics and is currently testing the ability to cross-post from Facebook.

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