“Maximize Your Phone’s Potential: Utilize the Back with These Tips”

The back of your phone is useless. Sure, the cameras are back that, but what about all of that blank real estate monopolizing 90% of the surface area? The Infinix E-Color Shift improves upon Yota’s phone somewhat, by adding color to the mix. Like e-ink, however, the back panel does have the advantage of holding a static image even when the battery isn’t putting in the work. It remains to be seen whether this gets licensed by a third party or simply shows up on an Infinix device.

The back of your phone can be a mystery to many. It’s simply a blank canvas, a vast expanse of unused space. Sure, the cameras reside there, but what about the rest of it? Does it have a purpose? Shouldn’t it be pulling its weight? A secondary screen seems like the answer, but with its potential drawbacks of battery drain and added cost, is it really worth it?

The idea of a secondary e-ink screen is not a new one. In fact, Yota Phone attempted this years ago. Unfortunately, the company ended up going bankrupt in 2019, just four years after releasing their second device. By then, foldable devices had already taken the market by storm, making Yota’s innovation seem like nothing more than a temporary novelty.

Now, Infinix has introduced the E-Color Shift, an improvement upon Yota’s idea by adding color. But it’s not quite the full low-power secondary display that was promised by the earlier device. Rather, it’s more of a fun aesthetic addition to the part of your phone that is typically hidden by a case, your hand, or a table.

The surface of the E-Color Shift technology is not true e-ink, using a different method described as, “applying different voltages to change the electric field within the microstructure and move the corresponding color particles to create the desired colors.” While this allows the phone to change “skins” with minimal power consumption, it’s not quite the same as official “E-Ink.”

The Infinix E-Color Shift was actually debuted at CES last month, but due to being sick with Covid, I missed out. Now, I’ve had the chance to experience it firsthand at MWC in Barcelona. However, it’s important to note that this is still a prototype. We’re not talking about an actual product here, and the demo unit being showcased by Infinix had to be connected to an external battery pack.

Like e-ink, the back panel has the advantage of displaying a static image even without battery power. But it’s uncertain if this technology will be licensed by a third party or simply appear on Infinix devices. My best guess is that the Hong Kong-based company is hoping for the latter, as it’s unlikely that many people will choose to purchase a smartphone solely based on this technology. It’s quirky and interesting, but doesn’t really add much function.

Plus, as mentioned before, the back of your phone is typically out of sight, covered by a case or your hand. So it’s unlikely that this feature will be used frequently, unless you want to show off the unique and unusual feature to your friends.

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