“2024 TechCrunch Early Stage: Unveiling the Dynamics of Venture Connections with Lily Lyman from Underscore”

Enter Underscore VC’s Lily Lyman, who is coming to TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 in Boston to discuss how founders can build investor relationships with the right venture capitalists. She will discuss how to build venture relationships ahead of time, and how founders can — and should! In today’s more stringent venture environment, founders can’t run a 2021-era playbook (unless they are building an AI foundational model company, I suppose). So, bring your notebooks and questions to Lyman’s Early Stage session coming up next month. She’ll be joined by a bevy of other startup folks who will be on hand to share their hard-earned wisdom.

Venture capital is often perceived as a sales job within the industry, requiring investors to sell themselves to LPs for their own funds and then convince founders to choose their investments over other options. Fundraising for founders can be just as time-consuming and demanding, leading many to view it as a full-time job.

Both sides of the venture table value a pain-free fundraising process, making it an important skill to master. This is where Lily Lyman, partner at Underscore VC, comes in. She will be speaking at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 in Boston on how founders can build successful investor relationships with the right venture capitalists. Her session will cover strategies for proactively nurturing these relationships and effectively managing inbound interest.

In today’s increasingly competitive venture landscape, founders can’t rely on old playbooks (unless they’re in the business of building AI foundational models). Knowing who might be interested in your startup when it’s time to seek more capital can greatly expedite the process and minimize wasted time with unnecessary meetings and emails.

Don’t miss out on Lyman’s session at Early Stage next month. She will be joined by other experienced startup professionals who are eager to share their valuable insights and lessons learned. Come prepared with your questions and a notebook to make the most of this opportunity for learning and growth.

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