Possible alternatives: 1. Interruption in Production: Tesla’s Berlin Plant Temporarily Ceases Operations Due to Suspected Arson Attack and Power Outage 2. Security Incident Halts Tesla Factory Operations in Berlin, Germany 3. Power Cut and Suspected Arson Strike Tesla’s

Tesla’s factory outside Berlin, Germany will likely be shut down for days and cost the automaker more than $100 million, after a suspected arson attack on the local power grid. The fire didn’t spread to Tesla’s factory and nobody was harmed, though employees were evacuated. A purported activist organization calling itself the “Volcano Group” took credit for the fire in a letter posted online Tuesday. The same group took credit for a similar fire near the site in 2021. Last month, Tesla’s plan to expand the factory was also voted down by the public.

The outskirts of Berlin, Germany is the unlikely scene of a costly dilemma for Tesla, as its sprawling factory is faced with temporary shutdown and a substantial financial loss in the wake of an apparent case of arson on the local power grid.

The fire didn’t reach Tesla’s factory and thankfully, there were no injuries. However, precautionary measures were taken and employees were evacuated. The fire also caused a power outage for thousands of residents in the area.

A group that calls itself the “Volcano Group” has claimed responsibility for the fire in a statement posted online on Tuesday. Though authorities have not yet confirmed their involvement, according to Reuters. This same group also took credit for a similar incident near the factory site in 2021.

The group stated that they targeted Tesla because the company is “destroying the earth, depleting resources, exploiting people and labor, and churning out 6,000 SUVs, deadly machines, and monster trucks every week.” In addition, they claim that their act of arson was a gift for International Women’s Day, with the intention of hindering the production of the “technofascist” Elon Musk and taking a step towards dismantling the patriarchal system.

In response to the incident, CEO Elon Musk posted on his social media platform X, expressing his opinion in German that the arsonists were “extremely stupid.”

Tesla’s factory, the only one the company has in Europe, has faced challenges since its opening in 2021. Construction was delayed due to clashes with locals over environmental concerns. Last month, the public voted against Tesla’s plan to expand the factory. However, the factory plays a critical role in Tesla’s operations in Europe, producing around 6,000 electric vehicles every week.

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