“Maximize Efficiency: Uber Eats Launches Live Location Sharing for Seamless Courier Deliveries to Remote Areas”

Uber Eats is adding a live location sharing capability to help couriers find customers in difficult-to-find locations, including public places such as campus courtyards, parks, and playgrounds. Uber Eats is available in over 11,000 cities across six continents. Uber Eats stops sharing the location once the order is delivered. The company hopes its new live location sharing feature will help solve a major challenge that many couriers face, especially in the warmer months when people are spending more time outdoors, ordering food for birthdays and other events. “We’re thrilled to bring location sharing to Uber Eats and help consumers ensure greater reliability with every delivery they receive,” Divya Dalapathi, Director of Product Management at Uber, said in a statement.

Uber Eats is revolutionizing their delivery experience, introducing a new feature that allows couriers to easily locate customers in hard-to-find areas. This includes public places like campus courtyards, parks, and playgrounds.

The new feature is being rolled out worldwide, with the exception of Quebec, today. Uber Eats is available in a whopping 11,000+ cities across six continents.

When customers opt for a “meet outside” or “meet at door” order on Uber Eats, they will be notified that their location is being shared with the courier. The location sharing feature automatically activates when the courier is three minutes away and the customer is within 100 meters of the drop-off site. Once the order is delivered, the location sharing stops. Users also have the option to manually turn off the feature at any time.

This new feature aims to solve a major issue faced by many couriers, especially during warmer months when people are spending more time outdoors and ordering food for special occasions. Domino’s already implemented a similar solution back in June 2023 with Pinpoint Delivery, where customers can drop a pin on the map to have their pizza delivered to virtually any location.

“We’re excited to introduce location sharing to Uber Eats and provide customers with even more reliable and efficient deliveries,” stated Divya Dalapathi, Director of Product Management at Uber. “After the success of this feature on Uber rides, we knew it would be a game changer for Uber Eats, especially for customers ordering from tricky locations like office buildings, parks, and large apartment complexes.”

The live location sharing feature has been in use on the Uber rider app since 2017.

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