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X announced a new long-form post format called Articles today. The feature, which is only available to Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations, lets users publish posts with text formatting, other X posts, and embedded videos and images — akin to a post on a WordPress-like content management system or an article on Medium. Last year, the Elon Musk-owned social network increased the limit for long posts to 25,000 characters for paying users. And yet, in July 2023, Musk noted that the company is working on a way for creators to post long-form articles with mixed media. Musk has long pushed creators like MrBeast and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson to post on X directly.

X announced the release of a revolutionary new post format called “Articles” today. This exciting feature is exclusively available to Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations, offering users the ability to publish posts with advanced text formatting options, embed videos and images, and even add other X posts – similar to a WordPress-style content management system or a Medium article.

Last year, the social network owned by Elon Musk expanded the character limit for long posts to 25,000 for paid users. However, the limit for the new “Articles” format seems to be even higher, at a whopping 100,000 characters, as noted by Engadget.

According to a post by Chris Bakke, users can also include bulleted lists and hyperlinked text in their articles. Interestingly, Bakke’s job listing company, Laskie, was acquired by X just last year.

Twitter initially introduced “Notes” as a long-form publishing platform back in 2022, before Musk’s acquisition of the company. However, under Musk’s leadership, the Notes project was put on hold, ad-free articles were terminated, and the newsletter platform Revenue was shut down.

Despite this, in July of 2023, Musk mentioned that the company was actively working on a method for creators to publish long-form articles with various media elements.

“This will allow our users to publish incredibly lengthy, complex articles complete with mixed media. In fact, you could even publish a whole book if you so desired!” Musk wrote in response to a user’s post about the feature formerly known as “Notes”, now called “Articles”.

For a while now, Musk has been urging creators like MrBeast and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson to publish on X directly. With the addition of this latest feature, it’s clear that the social media platform is determined to attract writers who want to showcase their work directly on the platform.

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