“Unveiling Peak XV’s Groundbreaking Perpetual Fund Supported by Exclusive Partners and Industry Titans”

Peak XV, the venture firm formerly known as India and Southeast Asia arm of Sequoia, didn’t disclose the size of the new fund. The new fund, called Peak XV Anchor Fund, will be funded by an internal balance sheet, the source said, requesting anonymity as the matter is private. The fund will enable Peak XV to “create a global network for learning and collaboration,” the venture firm said, according to the LP source. The fund will enable Peak XV Partners to have broader skin in the game with its own fund and also explore investment in newer areas, the source said. With Peak XV Anchor Fund, the venture firm plans to partner with other “managers across regions, strategies and sectors.”Peak XV didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Peak XV is creating an “evergreen” fund, backed by its investment partners and extended team, in an effort to become a significant LP in the firm’s future assets and venture into diverse investment opportunities. The venture firm, formerly known as Sequoia’s India and Southeast Asia arm, revealed this news to its limited partners at their annual general meeting in New Delhi this week.

Their new fund, named Peak XV Anchor Fund, will be funded by an internal balance sheet, and will focus on promoting accountability and alignment with LPs, as well as offering differentiated capabilities for growth as an institution. Over a hundred limited partners are currently in New Delhi for the meeting with the venture firm.

The source, requesting anonymity, stated that the fund will also allow Peak XV to establish a global network for learning and collaboration. By having their own fund, Peak XV Partners will have a more significant stake in the game and will be able to explore investment opportunities in new areas. The details of these new areas have not been disclosed.

TechCrunch reached out to Peak XV for comment but did not receive a response.

The Peak XV Anchor Fund is just the latest major investment in India and Southeast Asia by the investor group, who currently manages over $9 billion in AUM. The fund, which has a dry powder of $2.5 billion for the region after separating from Sequoia, has also launched an early-stage focused program called Surge, competing with Y Combinator for startups in India and Southeast Asia.

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