Witness the Rise of Memecoins: Solana Leading the Way

Blockchain is back and Bitcoin is hot, the Ethereum blockchain seeing price gains, lots of folks are stoked about ETFs. But one less-mainstream blockchain is perhaps making the biggest waves in crypto lately: Solana. TechCrunch has reported on Solana’s massive, recent price appreciation, digging into its rapid ascent and the reasons why. The answer is not something new, but instead a return of something that we’ve seen in the past. Not that the Dogwifhat folks are worried — they’re probably too busy having a great time.

Blockchain is once again the talk of the town with all the hype surrounding Bitcoin and the surge in price for Ethereum. However, amidst all the excitement, there’s another blockchain that’s making a splash in the world of cryptocurrency: Solana. TechCrunch’s recent coverage on Solana’s impressive price increase delves into its rapid growth and the reasons behind it.

That’s what we’re discussing on today’s TechCrunch Minute. The answer is not something new, but instead a comeback of sorts. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it involves Dogwifhat and Bonk. Now those are fun words to say on camera!

Of course, it’s always enjoyable when prices soar, and everyone loves a good price pump. However, without any new central breakthroughs, it’s only natural to wonder if this current crypto craze has as much substance as previous surges that were fueled by something fresh or trending. However, the creators of Dogwifhat seem to be having a great time, so maybe we shouldn’t worry too much.

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