“Inside the Success Story: Nick Green on Creating a Billion-Dollar Grocery Brand at Thrive Market”

Thrive Market is well, thriving. The billion-dollar e-commerce company splashed onto the scene in 2016 with its idea of online grocery delivery. Nick Green, one of the company’s co-founders, stopped by Found to chat about his company and the market’s evolution since he first launched it. This argument is what helped Thrive Market become the first online grocery retailer that the USDA approved to accept food stamps. Thrive Market had to raise money from content creators and influencers until VCs picked up on the craze.

Thrive Market is currently thriving in the e-commerce world, making a big splash when it first emerged in 2016 with its innovative concept of online grocery delivery. This idea was ahead of its time, long before the pandemic normalized the idea of purchasing groceries online, giving Thrive Market a clear advantage over its competitors. Nick Green, one of the co-founders, joined Found to discuss the company’s evolution since its launch.

“For conscious consumers who want to make good choices for their family, health, and the planet by voting with their dollars, we strive to create a one-stop destination at Thrive Market,” he shared.

Green emphasized the importance of creating a company like this: the cost of healthy food in the United States has increased significantly, and many families do not have access to healthy options in their communities. These areas, known as “food deserts,” have become a growing issue in the country. This was a driving force behind Thrive Market becoming the first online grocery retailer approved by the USDA to accept food stamps.

“That was a significant milestone for the tens of millions of American families who rely on food stamps for their groceries,” Green acknowledged. “This has been a long-standing problem.”

Raising funds for a company with this mission was not an easy task. Initially, many investors were skeptical of the idea of online groceries, and the complex logistics of the food industry were enough to deter even the most experienced investors. Thrive Market had to rely on support from content creators and influencers until venture capitalists caught onto the trend. To date, the company has generated over $500 million in sales and raised over $200 million in fundraising.

Green also touched on his experience as a serial entrepreneur and how it influenced his approach to launching Thrive Market. He learned the importance of having a diverse founding team with various skill sets and a strong mission for the business. He also briefly mentioned the company’s social initiatives, including their impact arm, which has raised $13 million. Additionally, Thrive Market offers free memberships to low-income families to ensure equal access to their services.

“We have accomplished a lot, but we recognize that we are just scratching the surface,” Green humbly stated.

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