“Probe Launched into Fisker’s Ocean SUV Over Faulty Door Mechanism”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a third investigation into EV startup Fisker’s Ocean SUV, this time centered on problems getting the doors to open. The agency says the complaints point to a an “intermittent failure” of the door latch and handle system. The Ocean SUV is already being investigated by ODI over problems with its braking system, and for complaints about the vehicle rolling away on uneven surfaces. It paused production of the Ocean in March and reported just $121 million in the bank. But the new safety probe suggests a deeper problem with the SUV’s doors.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is once again turning their attention towards EV startup Fisker’s highly anticipated Ocean SUV, as they open their third investigation into the vehicle. Unlike previous concerns over the braking system and issues with the vehicle rolling away on uneven surfaces, this time the focus is on a much more basic function – opening the doors.

The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) has recently received 14 complaints from Fisker Ocean owners who have encountered difficulties with their doors, both from the inside and outside of the vehicle. According to the notice, these complaints highlight a recurring problem with the door latch and handle system, potentially compromised by an ongoing “intermittent failure.” Alarming to note, some drivers have also expressed concerns that even the emergency override mechanism may be compromised.

“The Ocean SUV is already under scrutiny for its braking system and reported incidents of rolling away on uneven surfaces, but no recalls have been issued thus far,” says the NHTSA.

Despite these concerns, Fisker has yet to comment on the matter as their financial situation remains precarious. With a reported $121 million in the bank, the company recently halted production of the Ocean in March. Additionally, Fisker faces the daunting task of offloading a backlog of thousands of Ocean SUVs, at a time when sales have been stagnant. A recent move to significantly reduce prices by up to 39% has been viewed as a last-ditch effort to move inventory, a strategy that has only added to the company’s financial woes. In fact, Fisker has even been removed from the New York Stock Exchange, severely limiting their ability to secure much needed rescue funding.

  1. But perhaps most concerning of all, are the numerous reports from customers who have experienced getting stuck in or out of their car.
  2. Internal documents obtained by TechCrunch in February revealed that some of these incidents may be directly linked to the Ocean’s problematic key fob.

However, the new safety probe indicates that the issue may go much further, involving the actual function of the doors themselves. As a “preliminary evaluation,” ODI has set a target of resolving this issue within the next eight months, but the gravity of the matter cannot be underestimated.

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