“Stay Connected: Life360 Introduces Flight Landing Notifications for Keeping Loved Ones Informed”

Family location services company Life360 has launched a new notification for its apps to automatically alert friends and family when you reach a destination after taking a flight. Life360 said that the feature uses phone sensors to measure location, altitude and speed to determine if you are taking a flight. Plus, its algorithms can detect takeoff and landing times, and alert family members when you connect to the network post-landing. The company said the landing notification feature is a useful alternative to online flight trackers or waiting for the traveler to send updates to their circle. The company’s CEO Chris Hulls told TechCrunch that the company wants to focus on safety and protection updates for users’ inner circle.

Life360, a family location services company, has introduced a new feature for its apps that will automatically notify loved ones when you reach your destination after a flight. This game-changing notification utilizes phone sensors to track location, altitude, and speed, effectively detecting when you are taking a flight. Not only that, but the company’s advanced algorithms can even determine the exact takeoff and landing times, ensuring that your family will be alerted when you connect to the network following your flight.

According to Life360, this landing notification feature serves as a convenient alternative to relying on online flight trackers or waiting for the traveler to send updates to their circle. Available for all users with the latest app update, this feature can easily be turned off through the Flight Detection toggle in the settings menu.

With over 66 million active users on its platform, Life360 continues to provide cutting-edge services for their customers. Now, when those in a flight-taking user’s circle check their location on the app, they will see a plane icon as a movement indicator alongside other activities like walking, running, biking, and driving.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Life360 CEO Chris Hulls stated that the company prioritizes safety and protection updates for their customers’ inner circle. He also compared their solution to Apple’s, which he deemed “very generic” in comparison. Additionally, Hulls highlighted the advantage of Life360’s availability on both iOS and Android platforms.

As Life360 continues to expand, the company is gearing up for the launch of a new Tile lineup in the near future. The acquisition of Tile in 2021 for $205 million has allowed Life360 to offer customers a more comprehensive and holistic service, offering Bluetooth tags and GPS devices with LTE connections.

Their premium membership, which was launched in Canada in 2022 and in the UK in 2023, has seen great success. In 2021, Life360 plans to expand this paid tier to Australia, providing even more services and benefits for their valued customers.

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