X to discontinue hiding checkmarks feature for paying members

Last year, Elon Musk-owned social network X rolled out a feature for paid users to hide their checkmarks from others. Just like a lot of decisions taken by X, there is no definite timeline as to when the hide your checkmark feature will go away. I liked being a X Premium subscriber, but I didn't like the dumb checkmark. pic.twitter.com/9vfarfOySV — Haje (@Haje) April 11, 2024BREAKING: #X seems to be removing the ability to hide the verification checkmark! The company also started offering its Premium subscription to these users and Premium+ subscription to users with more than 5,000 verified followers.

In a recent development, social network X, owned by tech mogul Elon Musk, has made the decision to discontinue the option for paid users to conceal their verification checkmark. An action that has received mixed reactions from subscribers.

“Last year, I was thrilled to become a X Premium member, but the infamous checkmark always bothered me. Come on, Elon Musk, let me hide that I’m a paying member of your platform.” – @Haje

It appears that the company did not provide a concrete timeline for when this change will take effect, a common occurrence with X’s decisions.

“Just like many other decisions made by X, there is no definitive timeline for when the hide your checkmark feature will be removed.” – @nima_owji

Last week, the Premium support page was updated and the section on how to hide the verification checkmark was removed, immediately followed by notifications being sent to users. This feature was previously only available to Premium and Premium+ subscribers.

“As a Premium or Premium+ subscriber, you have the option to conceal your verification checkmark. This checkmark will not be visible on your profile or posts, though it may still be visible in some places and certain features may reveal that you have an active subscription.” – X Premium support page description

Earlier this month, the social network launched a blue checkmark verification program for influential users with over 2,500 “verified” followers. These users were also given the opportunity to upgrade to Premium, while those with 5,000 verified followers were eligible for the Premium+ subscription.

Last year, Musk made the decision to remove the previous verification checkmark system, but it was soon reinstated for top accounts. Essentially, the verification program has come full circle and is once again focused on verifying notable individuals.

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