“Raspberry Pi Goes Public: Shares Surge Following Successful IPO Pricing”

Who would have thought that Raspberry Pi, the maker of cheap, single-board computers, would become a public company? It means that Raspberry Pi could end up raising more than $200 million during its IPO process. If you’re looking to buy Raspberry Pi shares as a retail investor, this isn’t possible just yet. Raspberry Pi Ltd, the public company, is the commercial subsidiary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Arm previously announced that it intended to increase its stake in Raspberry Pi with the public listing.

Who could have imagined that Raspberry Pi, the innovator of affordable, single-board computers, would ever go public? Yet, that is precisely what has transpired this week as Raspberry Pi set its IPO pricing at £2.80 per share, placing its overall value at £542 million or $690 million by today’s exchange rate.

This morning, the company’s stock immediately surged to £3.70, an impressive 32% increase. This indicates that Raspberry Pi could potentially raise over $200 million in the course of its IPO proceedings.

For eager retail investors desiring to purchase Raspberry Pi shares, it is currently not feasible. At present, trading is exclusively available to specific institutional shareholders. However, retail investors can anticipate the opportunity to buy and sell shares as of this Friday.

This foundation is also a success for the London stock market. While Deliveroo and Wise are both traded on the London stock exchange, many British tech enterprises prefer to go public in the United States, vying for slots on NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange due to their greater liquidity.

Raspberry Pi is most recognized for its miniature computers that can be programmed to accomplish a plethora of activities without spending excessive amounts of money or demanding excessive amounts of power. These Arm-based computers have gained immense popularity among technology hobbyists seeking to develop media servers, retro gaming consoles, interactive dashboards, robotics projects, and more.

In more recent times, numerous industrial companies have integrated Raspberry Pi into their devices and facilities. According to reports, the industrial and embedded segment now accounts for 72% of Raspberry Pi’s revenue.

Since its inception, Raspberry Pi has sold an impressive 60 million units. In 2023 alone, Raspberry Pi achieved an astounding $266 million in revenue and $66 million in gross profit.

Raspberry Pi Ltd, the publicly traded company, functions as the commercial subsidiary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The foundation strives to facilitate coding education with its low-cost, programmable computers. The foundation also retains ownership as the principal shareholder of Raspberry Pi Ltd.

Other vital shareholders in the company include Arm and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Sony that manufactures image sensors for smartphones and other essential components. In an earlier statement, Arm indicated its intent to augment its stake in Raspberry Pi as part of the company’s initial public offering.

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