3-Year Prison Sentence for Cryptocurrency Breaches: Security Engineer Found Guilty

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Shakeeb Ahmed, a cybersecurity engineer convicted of stealing around $12 million in crypto, was sentenced on Friday to three years in prison. In a press release, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced the sentence. Ahmed was accused of hacking into two cryptocurrency exchanges, and stealing around $12 million in crypto, according to prosecutors. While the name of one of his victims was never disclosed, Ahmed reportedly hacked into Crema Finance, a Solana-based crypto exchange, in early July 2022. In the case of Nirvana Finance, the stolen funds “represented approximately all the funds possessed by Nirvana,” which led Nirvana Finance to shut down, according to the press release.

“Revolutionizing Clinics: Anima Healthcare Platform Secures $12M in Funding, Empowering with Salesforce-inspired Features”

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Thankfully, there’s a new wave of startups entering the arena: UK startup Anima is a “care enablement” platform that operates almost like a combination of Slack, Salesforce and Figma, but for healthcare clinics and hospitals. Anima, a graduate of Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 batch, launched in September 2022 and is now used in 150 NHS clinics in England. The startup’s software lets clinic staff process and file healthcare documents, but adds in a higher degree of automation compared to legacy systems. In the U.S., Memora Health has raised $80.5 million, and NexHealth, which is post-Series C, has raised $177.2 million to date. I trained as a doctor at Cambridge, and I’m a self-taught software engineer who wrote a lot of the code for Anima.

“Faddom secures $12M funding to enable comprehensive IT infrastructure mapping across diverse environments”

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When IT was responsible for servers onsite, understanding what you owned and where it lived was not a big problem. Faddom, an early stage Israeli startup, helps companies map their infrastructure wherever it lives, and helps them visualize the connections and dependencies, taking aim at medium-sized enterprises. Once the map is in place, companies can use the information for a variety of tasks such as infrastructure change management and migrations, cybersecurity and compliance. It defines its target market as companies with between a few hundred and a few thousand employees managing perhaps 100 servers or or more with between $100 million to a few billion dollars in revenue. Usually their budgets will be very low, and usually there’s no innovation tailored for that type of segment,” he said.

“Aniai Introduces Revolutionary $12M Burger-Cooking Robot to Restaurants”

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Aniai, a startup that has built a burger-grilling robot, Alpha Grill, said today it has raised $12 million. “Burger chains hire six to eight kitchen staff per shift to grill burgers,” Aniai CEO Gunpil Hwang said. If the user’s patty does not meet its cooking recipes, specifications and requirements, Alpha Grill promptly notifies the cooking staff to ensure quality control. It has also been testing Alpha Grill with burger chains in the U.S. since last year. Other companies in this space include Miso Robotics, which is behind Flippy, a burger-flipping robot; Botinkit, a cooking robot maker in China; and Chef Robotics in San Francisco.