“Streamlined Transition: Apple to Simplify Integration with Android Devices by Fall 2025”

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Apple says it plans to make it easier for customers to switch to Android as a result of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which went into force today. This solution is not yet available, but Apple is committing to having it ready by fall 2025, the company says. On this front, Apple’s Data & Privacy website is being updated to allow users to export their App Store data to authorized third parties, the document says. Today, would-be Android users can use Google’s “Switch to Android” iOS app to migrate important content, like contacts, calendars, photos, videos, messages, and more to a new Android device. It’s unclear if Apple’s new solution will address these areas as Apple hasn’t yet said what, specifically, it aims to improve.

“Plant-Based Cream from Cultivated Biosciences Set to Hit the Market in 2025”

Cultivated Bio Coffee Creamer
Cultivated Biosciences, a Swiss biotechnology food startup says it has solved this with the development of its yeast cream, derived from a specific type of oleaginous yeast, that mimics the texture and mouthfeel of traditional cream. This method is also non-GMO and is easier to scale, said Lucie Rein, chief commercial officer at Cultivated Biosciences. Cultivated Biosciences is designing its end product to go into consumer products, for example, like coffee creamers, milk and ice cream. We also replaced the whitening agents, so we actually replace everything, and we stay stable.”Over the past year, Cultivated Biosciences has worked on scaling. Cultivated Biosciences is joining them, having raised another $5 million recently.

Gbike, a Korean Micromobility Startup, Plans to Acquire Rivals Before their 2025 IPO

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Gbike acquired a local micromobility platform called ZET from Hyundai Motor for an undisclosed amount last year to bolster its technological synergies. Gbike posted an EBITDA of $40 million and revenue of $13.7 million in 2022, Yoon said. “Based on this fully integrated capability, we set out our vision to innovate the micromobility ecosystem through battery-[swapping] infrastructure. One of the things that set Gbike apart from its competitors is its capability to build its own vehicles — e-scooters, e-bikes and batteries, Yoon mentioned. Gbike launched its own-developed e-bikes in May last year and now operates a fleet of 35,000 e-bikes.