“Training Corporate Employees on Data and AI: Modal Secures $25M Investment”

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A few years ago, Darren Shimkus, ex-president of Udemy, had a conversation with Dennis Yang about skills building. Modal provides personalized technical skills training for a company’s staff, offering on-demand coaching and a pedagogical approach that groups users into semi-structured online learning communities. First, Shimkus says, by honing in on hot trends: data and AI. “The rise of AI is bringing more visibility to data teams than ever before,” Shimkus said. “It’s hard in today’s ever-changing workplace landscape to predict what your teams need, meaning most leaders don’t have a reliable way to plan for and improve their team’s skills.

“Candela’s Ferries Experience Electrifying Growth with $25M Injection of Funds”

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Electric boat maker Candela is approaching cruising speed with $25 million in new funding and the first commercial deployment of its new P-12 ferry, in New Zealand. The P-12, a ferry design that can handle up to 30 passengers, made its debut late last year. Like any other industry, you have to know when to buy and when to build, and big boating companies are happy to buy — or invest. Candela’s boats use hydrofoils with electric engines mounted on the bottom to effectively fly above the surface of the water once they get past a certain speed, vastly reducing energy consumption — historically and understandably a sticking point for electric boating. Theh $25 million round was led, as mentioned, by Beneteau, with participation from EQT Ventures, Ocean Zero LLC, and Kan DelaAB.

Youverify secures $2.5M funding to bolster anti-money laundering regulations in Nigeria

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Since 2022, Youverify has expanded its real-time business verification coverage to 145 jurisdictions across 48 countries. Across these countries, Youverify processes 4 million monthly applications for over 3,500 businesses with 800 active clients. Additionally, the platform’s capacity to verify IDs has expanded from 400 million to 5 billion people — as well as 600 million businesses across various industries such as gaming, travel, healthcare, and telecommunications. “Individuals and businesses can verify their identity, registration status and ownership using their government data through Youverify. In addition, we launched our anti-money laundering and risk classification product to address some of these industries,” the CEO noted.

“Disrupting the HR Tech Industry: Remofirst Secures $25M to Challenge Deel and Rippling on a Global Scale”

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Remofirst raises $25M to take on Deel and Rippling in the global HR tech spaceIn the world of HR tech startups, there are the Davids and the Goliaths. Deel and Rippling are the Goliaths, both having raised millions of dollars in venture capital. But Remofirst, which just secured $25 million in Series A funding, is proving to be a very worthy David. Remofirst, an HR tech startup, touts that it hires its clients’ employees and contractors in more than 180 countries on their behalf without those companies having to set up local entities. “We see SMBs as an underserved segment of the market,” Serik told TechCrunch.

“Stealthy Emergence: Ema, the Revolutionary ‘Universal AI Employee’, Secures $25M”

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A new startup called Ema out of San Francisco thinks it’s a lot more than just a passing fancy. “Our goal is to build a universal AI employee,” Surojit Chatterjee, the CEO and co-founder, said in an interview. Accel, Section 32 and Prosus Ventures are co-leading, and Wipro Ventures, Venture Highway, AME Cloud Ventures, Frontier Ventures, Maum Group and Firebolt Ventures also participating. He himself has some 40 patents to his name in areas like machine learning enterprise software and ad tech. Most recently, he was VP of engineering at Okta where he oversaw data, machine learning and devices; and prior to that he was also at Google, where he was engineering lead for data and machine learning where he focused on privacy and safety.

Astroscale Unveils Revolutionary $25 Million Orbital Refueling Craft for the Space Force

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Orbital operations company Astroscale has revealed new details about its approach to refueling satellites in space, as part of a $25.5 million project exploring the concept with the Space Force. The concept of on-orbit servicing and repair is attractive to anyone who doesn’t want to see a $100 million investment literally burn up. Astroscale won a Space Force contract last Summer to explore the possibility in orbit, and the company just published how it plans to do so. After refueling it, the APS-R will back off and perform an inspection of the client satellite, looking for any fuel leaks or other issues its operators might want to check. No doubt we’ll hear more about this and other space sustainability projects well before then.

“Expanding Its Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Enterprise: Anecdotes Secures $25M Investment”

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Governance, risk management and compliance — GRC for short — remains one of the most active startup areas in terms of VC investments. GRC helps organizations better manage risk while staying in compliance with regulations — and there’s an increasing number of regulations to worry about. “Anecdotes is redefining compliance and risk management by transforming it from a labor-intensive task with skyrocketing associated costs into data-oriented processes.”Anecdotes’ platform automatically collects GRC-related “artifacts” (i.e. Anecdotes’ competitors include VComply, a risk and compliance management startup that’s raised over $10 million in venture capital so far, and Cypago, which aims to automate compliance and governance for companies. Kuznitsov asserts that Anecdotes is well-positioned, though, with around 100 customers including Snowflake, Coinbase SoFi, Grafana and Payscale.